Foscam FI8909W

Foscam FI8909W


The Foscam FI8909W is an entry level IP camera. It has the ability of night vision as well as wifi connectivity.

The FI8909W features all of the basic abilities most IP cameras share, such as night vision and wifi connectivity. The images seem to be of a good quality with bright colours captured properly. The focal lens is also positioned in a way where it is easily adjustable if you need to manually adjsut focus for special usage.

This camera however, has only five infrared LEDs, making night vision slightly inferior to its performance during the day, but operational regardless.

To summarise, a great low cost entry level camera that has night vision and wifi while having good and colourful images during the day.

Price Range



  • Easy Setup with Cammy
  • Good images during the day
  • Adjustable focal lens
  • Works with Cammy Home Alarm


  • Only usable indoors
  • Slightly inferior night vision to other cameras
  • Not HD (640 x 480)

Our verdict

An economical choice for those looking for an entry level camera, with the ability of night vision and wifi.


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