Top 10 Funniest Burglar Stock Photos

Top 10 Funniest Burglar Stock Photos

Here at Cammy, we’re serious about home security and burglary. But once in a while, we find hilarious stories about bungling burglars, stupid burglars brought to justice and finally, these top 10 funniest burglar stock photos. It’d be a crime not to laugh!

1. Maybe I shouldn’t have stolen these bricks…

You can just see the regret on his face…

Bricks aren’t very valuable, any burglar can tell you that. Not only do they have a low resell value but they’re also very, very heavy. Check out the burglars most wanted valuables.

2. If you’re happy and you know it, clap your hands

If you’re a burglar and you know it, hold up your gun….and say cheese!

3. ‘Cause this is thriller, thriller night…

Does he look like he’s posing for a high fashion photo shoot or dancing to Thriller by Michael Jackson?

4. Take my money or I’ll hurt you

Wait…so you’re asking me to take your money? I guess I’ll take that $100 bill then…your suit looks much nicer than mine…

5. Oh man, maybe this suitcase was a bad idea…

What do you think went through his mind as he posed for this funny burglar stock photo?

A. I smell fish and chips, maybe I should’ve stolen lunch too

B. This balaclava is suffocating me and I feel a bit like Lord Voldemort

C. Do I look slimmer in all black?

6. Blinded by the light

His eyes are really sensitive, can’t you guys be more considerate?

7. He saw something so shocking that…

…He couldn’t look away.

What could it possibly have been?

Did he walk in on something he shouldn’t have? Was he caught red handed? Are the Police there?

8. Hello, it’s me…

This burglar just wanted to call ahead of time to let you know that he’ll be in your house some time tonight, maybe around 7pm.

9. Burglar blown away

That was a really strong gust of wind. Maybe he should have checked the weather forecast today…

10. Freedom

Clearly, freedom has never felt so good judging from the expression on her face. But what about that other handcuff? Perhaps she’s celebrating a little early…

Hopefully you enjoyed this post on the top 10 funniest burglar stock photos and had a little chuckle at their expense.

We know that being burgled is no joke so make sure you have your bases covered and a home security system in place to help you deter and scare away burglars and capture evidence if necessary.

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