15 Funniest Burglar Videos on YouTube

15 Funniest Burglar Videos on YouTube

Burglaries can be extremely traumatic and devastating, so it feels perfectly acceptable to enjoy that little warm fuzzy glow of schadenfreude when you see a burglar get his comeuppance. Sometimes it feels like divine justice is handed down from on-high to unwanted guests, thwarting theĀ attempts of criminals.

These burglars surely got what they deserved – instant karma, and all caught on video.

Failed before it began

Notorious Cat Burglar Klepto Kitty Strikes Again

Really Needed a Nightcap

Double knockout

Live on the news

Good trade?

Did he even get out alive?

Guilty Cat Burglar

Buckingham Naked

Instant Car-ma

Smooth Criminal

Cat Burglar Fail

Oops Trapped!

Masked intruder foiled by family pets

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