10 Funny Cat Compilations Guaranteed To Crack You Up

10 Funny Cat Compilations Guaranteed To Crack You Up

Cats make amazing pets. Independent, intelligent and a major source of hilarity. Watch these funny cat as they wrestle boxes, alligators and dance the night away. We challenge you not to laugh!

10. Cats VS Boxes

Boxes are a continuous source of fascination for cats. If you’ve ever bought an expensive scratching post for your cat only to realise they prefer the box instead, you’re not alone…

9. Guilty Cats

There’s no shame quite like getting caught in the act and these cats have the best facial expressions!

8. Funny Cat Fails

Not all world domination plans work out as expected.

7. Cat Vines

If you think 6 seconds isn’t enough time for these funny cats to make you laugh, watch the video below.

6. Dancing Cats

From pop to country to techno, these funny cats might even dance better than you!

5. Clumsy Cats

Contrary to popular belief, not all cats are coordinated. It’s a good thing they have nine lives.

4. Brave Cats

Have you ever seen a cat take on an alligator and win?

3. Ninja Cats

Incredible ninja cat moves!

2. Silly Cats

Cats can be dorks too…

1. Confused Cats

How could you not love these faces?!?

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Which one was your favourite funny cat compilation? Or did we miss something? Leave it in the comments below.