5 Pocket Sized Gadgets To Help You Track Your Valuables

5 Pocket Sized Gadgets To Help You Track Your Valuables

We’ve all been there… frantically searching for our keys before we step out of the door, turning the house upside down to find our phone in the bedsheets or leaving our wallet behind at the coffee shop.

No matter how hard you try, life’s simple distractions can make you lose track of your valuables. This is why we’ve compiled a list of the best pocket sized gadgets on the market to help you keep track of your valuables!

5. iTrack Easy



This all in one, pocket sized tracker is packed with some interesting features. The small coin sized gadget comes in range of vibrant colours and flash LED lights to help you find your item.

The batteries are replaceable and last longer than other trackers on the market due to the integration of “sleep mode” which allows you to disable the device for specific times when you don’t require alerts.

The crowd sourced iTrack Easy Network helps find lost items located more than 100 metres away and the gadget even doubles up as a remote camera controller so you can take the perfect selfie!

4. TrackR



A simple coin sized Bluetooth gadget which can locate your missing valuables within 100 feet (30 metres). Using the dedicated iPhone or Android app, you can view your item’s location on a map, trigger a tone to locate it by sound and even have it alert you if you walk too far away.

The best part? You can trigger a 2 way separation alert to locate your phone. If you’re ever out of range of your item, you can still locate it through Crowdsourced Tracking, which will notify you if another person using TrackR comes close to your missing item.

3. Gecko



Gecko adds a layer of security onto the traditional tracking service by installing a motion sensor and GPS system right into the device. Tag your pet’s leash to get a notification if they leave their designated area, tag your doors and windows to receive a notification if they’re open or closed and of course, tag your keys and wallet to make sure you never lose your valuables again.

On top of that, Gecko is equipped with a LED light, buzzer, ambient thermometer, standard micro USB port and works as a remote camera trigger to seamlessly integrate both the connected and non-connected world.

The only downside is that Gecko is currently only available on iOS.




One of the sleekest gadgets in our list, the metallic smart tracker is a great all round solution for tracking your valuables. It’s also water resistant and can be purchased with a waterproof case for extra protection.

MYNT has an extensive range, offering 150 feet (45 metres) as well as fully replaceable batteries which last up to 1 year. It also works as a bi-directional anti-loss device, meaning you can long press your tracker to find your phone.

In addition, MYNT doubles up as a remote camera trigger to assist with taking selfies and can even synchronise with your computer to flick through slides on a PowerPoint presentation!

1. Tile



The number one go-to and the most famous of all tracking devices. What the other trackers do well, Tile does even better. The device features a loudspeaker, map and proximity indicators to speed up your search, as well as a large community of users to assist with lost items outside the 100 metre range.

The device is fully waterproof and lasts up to one year. The only drawback is that the battery is not replaceable so the device can’t be used after the charge runs out. To help combat this, the company offers discounts on all replacement purchases. Although the battery is a bit of a let down, Tile has proven to be more reliable than all the others on the market.

Buying a tracker to track your valuables is a great investment for any busy individual in the 21st century. Never worry about losing your valuables again by making a small, one time investment!