How Games of Thrones Would Have Used Wi-Fi Cameras

How Games of Thrones Would Have Used Wi-Fi Cameras

Twists, turns and shocking betrayals are what keep viewers enthralled. If the characters had one piece of modern day technology, the WiFi camera, how might it have shaped their futures? Espionage is rife across the 7 Kingdoms, but the power-hungry often manage to outwit their enemies.
Here are three situations which could have changed the course of history had the characters known about Cammy:

King Robert’s Demise


If King Robert had set up a home security system, he would have known that the children he believed to be his own were not rightful heirs. In fact, King Robert could have continued his excessive drinking, womanising and extended hunting trips, safe in the knowledge that any misdemeanours under his own roof would have been tracked. With his only his smartphone in his royal pocket, he would have received an alert before any such cuckolding was consummated.

Even if he had set it up after the children were born, the cameras would surely have tracked the whispers in the corridors between Varys, Littelfinger and Eddard Stark or would have witnessed the investigation started by Jon Arryn, the previous Hand of the King.

He might even have heard Cersei command that King Robert should be taken hunting while drunk in order to bring about his untimely hunting ‘accident’. The whole history of the battle for the Iron Throne could have been over before it began and Ned Stark might never have faced the wrath of King Joffrey.

Tyrion the Spycatcher


When Tyrion was given the title Hand of the King, he was fully aware of the high turnover rate and that his sister Cersei would be out to get him. In order to flush out her spies, Tyrion told three people of a plan to marry off Cersei’s daughter. By giving each man the name of a different husband to be. Tyrion was able to identify the offender as Grand Master Pycelle who was then stripped of his position.

Had either Cersei placed hidden cameras around court, the plot could have gone very differently and if Tyrion was up to speed with WiFi camera technology, he could have spent a lot less time hatching his plot and more time relaxing with ladies of ill-repute.

The Red Wedding


One of the most shocking scenes in the GOT series to date might never have taken place. Catelyn Stark had a fair idea that breaking a promise to Walder Frey was not going to be so easily resolved and she should have had WiFi cameras installed well ahead of the wedding. The annihilation of the majority of living Starks might have been averted if they had known that what awaited them was an ambush instead of a cosy wedding agreed as appeasement.

Would their lives have been spared or would they have only delayed the inevitable? The Starks were already at a low ebb and their only other solution would have been to find a way to eliminate Frey altogether. It would certainly have shaped the future of all 7 Kingdoms had this slaughter not taken place.

Much as we enjoy the idea of the GOT characters popping cameras into brothels and castle gardens, we have to say that we like the story just as it is. The thrilling combo of duplicity, violence and uncertainty is what really sets Game of Thrones apart. Those kind of surprises are not ideal in real life, but it is what has kept GOT fans on the edge of their seats since the very first episode. Perhaps we shouldn’t promote Cammy in the 7 Kingdoms just yet.