3 Life Events That Will Make You Consider Getting Home Security

3 Life Events That Will Make You Consider Getting Home Security

Your home is valuable. It contains the people and possessions you hold most dear. According to the International Crime Victimisation Survey (ICVS), which compares crimes across the globe, a safe country like for example, Australia, still has the fifth highest rate of household burglaries in the world. On a statistical level, it makes sense to review your home security.



While home burglary is one of the world’s most widespread crimes, having comprehensive home security can also give you peace of mind and help you to feel more relaxed, regardless of where you live, who you live with or what your movements are.

That having been said, there are events and life stages that we go through, which warrant better home security measures:

1. You Move House

Moving into a new home is a really good reason to reassess your security, for a number of reasons. Your new house may not have the same security features as your previous residence. It could have bigger windows, which make you feel a little exposed, or it might be located in an area that has a higher crime rate. It might not have an alarm at all.

There’s another really good reason to relook at your home security when you’ve moved into a new house though: you’re quite vulnerable. You’re new to the area, and may not even have met your neighbours yet. The people around you probably aren’t familiar with your daily movements and what could be considered “unusual activity” around your house.

Here are some ways to evaluate the safety of a neighbourhood before you move.

2. You Travel Often

Maybe you have a new job requiring you to travel often, leaving only one person at home most of the time.

A study that was carried out on 50 convicted house robbers from the United Kingdom revealed homes with no security measures could be broken into in as little as 2-minutes. Surprisingly, the average burglary took just 10 minutes to perform. Not only does having home security make your home more difficult to break into, burglars are less likely to want to waste their time and will probably move onto a property without security measures in place.

If you have plans to go away on holiday, home security is essential. The same report also cites the four most common errors made by homeowners: leaving valuables visible in the house, leaving windows open, hiding keys for the doors, and letting post and parcels accumulate outside the home.

3. You Have a Baby

There’s something about holding a tiny, defenceless baby in your arms that makes you realise how important your job of looking after another life form is. It also makes you take a big look at your environment and think about whether it really is safe for a baby.

It is quite likely that you have filled your house up with expensive gadgetry and electronics up until this point, never even thinking about the possibility of theft. But, once you have a baby, safety becomes a bigger concern.


It’s worth considering getting home security before you find yourself in a position where home security is a no-brainer.