4 Gift Ideas For Mother’s Day

4 Gift Ideas For Mother’s Day

If you have left shopping for Mother’s Day till the last minute, don’t worry I’m here to help. There are lots of gift ideas for mum if you know where to look. Here are some last minute gift ideas that you can grab from your local supermarket on your way to brunch with mum. The best thing? You can make it look like it wasn’t from the supermarket, you just need to get creative.

1. Flowers

Get your mum some flowers this Mother’s day. This is the easiest gift to put together and they’ll look beautiful in that expensive vase if her’s and they will brighten up any room.

Image 3-05-2016 at 2.27 PM (3)

2. Chocolate hamper

For this you will need to raid the confectionary aisle. You will need to grab chocolate, lollies, chocolate cover pretzels, fudge, cookies, anything you think your mum will love and anything that looks a little bit fancy.

choclate box

3. Wine and Cheese hamper

For this you will need some fancy wine, cheese, crackers and maybe even some olives. Go to the deli and see what fancy food ingredients you can find.

wine and cheese

4. Relaxation Hamper

This can include fancy body wash, soap, clay masks, hand cream and bath salts. You could also include some magazines and you may even be able to find a nice smelling candle in the supermarket.

spa hamper

Get creative supermarkets are great places and you never know what treasures you will find.

Now you may be wondering how do you make these items look like you haven’t just gotten them all last minute from the supermarket.

You will need:

  • Fancy looking tissue paper,
  • Bows
  • Gift bag.

gift bag


Put items into prepared gift bag and voila you have one last minute supermarket Mother’s Day present.

Don’t forget to pick up a Mother’s Day card with a heart felt message on it on your way out.