Top 5 Hiding Spots For Wi-Fi Cameras

Top 5 Hiding Spots For Wi-Fi Cameras

So you’ve got a Wi-Fi camera that you want to hide? Maybe you’re worried about someone breaking in and stealing your cameras or you’re wanting to catch an employee stealing money. Whatever the reason, here are the top 5 hiding spots for Wi-Fi cameras.

1. A Box of Tissues:

What’s more natural than a tissue box sitting on a table? This quick and easy solution can be set up in less than 5 minutes and placed virtually anywhere in the home without arising suspicion.

All you need to do is empty out a box of issues, cut a small hole for the lens and run the wire behind a table connected to a power point. Remember to add some tissues coming out of the top to complete the disguise.



2. A Stuffed Toy:

Often used to hide nanny cams, this trojan horse method has helped catch countless thieves red handed. The setup requires purchasing a soft toy with stuffing and minimal sewing skills.

Cut a small hole into the back of the soft toy’s head and remove some stuffing. Place the camera inside the head and position the lens behind one of the eyes. Add some stuffing around the camera to hide the shape and sew it back up! Remember to leave a small hole to run the wire. Your stuffed toy cam is ready to go!



3. A Fake Plant:

Outdoor planter boxes are used to hide spare keys and are often searched by burglars. Indoor plants are mostly overlooked. This tutorial from Gadget Addicts shows you how to create your own fake plant hidden camera. The process is more involved than the previous 2 methods but it works great as long term solution.


4. A Vase/ Urn:

Similar to the planter box idea above, a clay vase is a great hiding spot for your. All you need is a clay vase and drill.

Simply position the camera inside the vase and drill 2 small holes. One for the lens and the other for the wire on the other side. Place it on the mantle piece or coffee table for a good view. Remember to conceal the wire running to the power point



5. A Bookcase:

No burglar will take the time to look through your reading collection. Hiding a camera between 2 books in plain sight works a treat when you don’t have the time for a more elaborate solution. For a more inconspicuous look, you can hollow out one book and drill a hole for the lens.

Remember you don’t need to expose the entire camera, only the lens. You can run the power point behind the bookcase to keep it out of sight.


To recap, the top 5 best places to your WiFi cameras are:

  • A box of tissues
  • A stuffed toy
  • A fake plant
  • An urn
  • A bookcase

Have a great hiding place? Share it in the comments.