Top Holiday Gadgets To Get The Most Out Of Your Trip

Top Holiday Gadgets To Get The Most Out Of Your Trip

With the holiday season fast approaching, it’s time to relax and plan your holiday break! If you’re looking for a gift the whole family can enjoy, check out our top holiday gadgets!



Nothing can spice up a family picnic like good music! Compact, durable and completely waterproof, the UE BOOM 2 is one of the best wireless Bluetooth speakers on the market. Offering a sturdy, stain proof/shockproof design, 15 hours of battery life and a reliable Bluetooth connection.

The device easily connects to any smartphone, tablet or computer so you can get it up and running in just a few minutes! The only drawback is the high price point selling for $199.99 USD.

ZeroLemon Solar Charger


If you love the great outdoors, you will love this wireless solar charger! The sturdy, reliable panel claims to hold the largest capacity in the world.

The device is built with a top grade A cell, Built-in 20000mAh Lithium Polymer battery and has 2 ports for simultaneous charging. The design is sleek, waterproof and shockproof, able to absorb an accidental drop.  

The company offers a 36-month guarantee and is priced at $39.99 on Amazon. A great camping investment at that price if you ask us!

WaterShot Pro


Wouldn’t it be great if your iPhone could take photos underwater? Now it can! If your holiday plans include diving a trip to the beach, this gadget is a great investment.

Described as an “underwater camera housing” unit, the device pairs with an app which helps stabilize your photos while protecting your phone from water damage. The case essentially converts your phone to a point and click camera and uses the built in lens to hence the photos.

The unit is priced at $139.99 USD and is available in an assortment of colors.

Thermacell Mosquito Repeller


If your holiday plans involve a few glasses of wine while relaxing on the patio, a good quality mosquito repeller can really save your evening! The company has a range of devices available including lanterns and torches so it doubles up as a light for evenings. All the devices are priced between $20 – $60 depending on the model you choose.

Although we haven’t tried the devices ourselves, the company has been reviewed by some big names including National Geographic, Outdoor Life and Better Homes and Gardens.



The quirky new holiday gadget does exactly what the name implies, it spins your drinks and cools them in the process! The catch is you still need to spin it against ice but the product promises to cool your drink in 60 seconds. The beauty of the device is in its simplicity and ease of use, needing nothing more than ice and a beverage.

Priced at $24.99, it’s a great investment for holidays, parties and long summer days!

BONUS: Cammy Home Alarm


Heading out for the holidays means leaving your home behind, along with all your cherished valuables. The Cammy Home Alarm system connects with an app on your phone, allowing you to check in anytime, anywhere in the world. The best part? You don’t have to sift through hours of useless footage, Cammy will alert you if there’s anything to worry about so you can enjoy your holidays stress-free!

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