Holiday Security Checklist To Secure Your Home

Holiday Security Checklist To Secure Your Home

The secret to a stress free holiday is preparation. Which is why we have put together a holiday security checklist to help you secure your home before you go away!

Holiday Security Checklist to Deter Burglaries and Break Ins


  • Stop mail for the duration of your absence (or ask the neighbours to pick it up for you)
  • Organise call forwarding to your mobile phone or another active number if you run the risk of maxing out your voicemail
  • Park your car inside the garage
  • Ask the neighbours to occasionally park outside your house
  • Consider installing timer lights to give your home a lived in feel
  • Setup your Cammy system and share your alarm with a trusted friend or family member so they can be notified if there’s an intruder. 
  • Arrange for your lawn to be trimmed during your absence
  • Secure all doors, windows and entry points to your home (including the garage and shed)

Holiday Security Checklist for House Maintenance and General Safety


  • Check that all smoke/fire/temperature sensors are operational
  • Make a list of emergency plumbing, electrical and general emergency contacts to pass onto a trusted friend or family member
  • Review upcoming bills and set up automatic payments to avoid nasty surprises
  • Unplug/switch off all unnecessary devices
  • Turn off water valves using the main switch
  • Throw away all rubbish and any food likely to spoil in your absence
  • If you have a pet, arrange for a pet sitter or kennel stay
  • Lock up valuables and ensure no spare keys can be found on your property
  • Arrange for watering of plants (either with automated sprinklers or recruit a neighbour/friend)

Holiday Security Checklist to Ensure Safety Abroad


  • Contact your bank and inform them of your trip so they don’t block your cards
  • Contact your insurance company and inform them of your absence
  • Make a copy of all your important documents (passport, credit cards, itinerary) and leave it with a trusted friend or family member
  • Check your travel insurance policies and upgrade if necessary
  • Make a list of emergency contacts to take along on your trip (friends, family, security company etc)
  • Ensure you have sufficient amounts of medication and/or prescriptions which can be filled overseas
  • Review weather conditions of your chosen travel destination(s) and pack accordingly
  • Take out a small amount of cash and exchange it to the local currency of your destination
  • Pack a few days in advance to give you time to pick up anything you may be missing
  • Consider investing in some security products for travellers

Use this holiday security checklist to secure your home and ensure a stress-free, safe holiday. 

Happy travels!