8 Things That Make A Home Attractive to Burglars

8 Things That Make A Home Attractive to Burglars

Does your home have that little something “special” that makes a burglar take notice? Is it possible that there are actually elements of your home’s décor, design, or landscaping that are making it particularly attractive to burglars?

To maintain your home’s security, you need to know what catches the eye of a wannabe thief. Here are eight things that might be making your home attractive to burglars:

1. A Showy Exterior

We all like to maintain our own individual personalities as people, but the truth is that it’s probably better not to do that with our homes. When it comes to home security, blending in is better.

Anything that makes your house stand out – even just a wacky choice of paint colour or cute lawn ornaments – could attract attention you don’t want. You especially don’t want to look like the rich kid on the block, so you might wanna keep that fancy sports car in the garage.



2. Neglect

On its blog, the Stromsoe Insurance Agency explains that a poorly maintained house can be a target for thieves, saying that “Permitting your grass to grow high or get dry is a sign of neglect and can invite unwanted attention.”



3. Discreet Entrances Into the House

Cellars, basement windows, vents, and back doors that can’t be easily observed by neighbors can be major security threats, serving as magnets for thieves looking for a place to break in that won’t easily draw the attention of those next door.



4. Available Burglary Tools

The Monroe County Sheriff’s Office in New York cautions that having items like ladders, step stools, tools, and even lawn furniture outside the home or in an unlocked shed can be a big temptation for thieves.

“Don’t invite burglary by providing aids to breaking into your house,” the Sheriff’s Office advises.

“A sturdy lawn chair that can be pulled under a window makes getting through that window easier.”


5. Lack of Visible Security Measures

If there is no evidence of an alarm system, flood lights, video surveillance, extra heavy duty locks, or even a loudly barking dog at your house, a burglar is likely to consider it an attractive prospect.



6. Obvious Signs That You’re Out of Town

Newspapers piling up on the porch are certainly a dead giveaway that you’re away from home. But simply not ever having any lights on inside your home in the evening could catch a thief’s attention if they go by your house regularly.


7. Hedges

Landscaping can affect the way burglars view your house. As WKYC Channel 3’s Maureen Kyle reports: “Privacy to you is actually opportunity for burglars. Hedges or other greenery around your home offer a hiding place.”


8. “Hidden” Keys

Kyle also notes that obvious hiding places for house keys can draw a burglar’s attention. Many people will purchase false “rocks” that can conceal a spare set of keys, placing them outside the house. Experienced burglars are typically familiar with these fakes and often able to spot them.



In summary, these are some of the attributes that can make a home tempting to a burglar:

  • A showy exterior
  • Neglect
  • Discreet entrances into the house
  • Available burglary tools
  • Lack of visible security measures
  • Obvious signs that you’re out of town
  • Hedges
  • Hidden keys

Now that you know what might make your house seem like easy pickings to a home burglar, do your best to avoid giving them a reason to single you out for a burglary!