7 Awesome Home Improvement DIY Hacks

7 Awesome Home Improvement DIY Hacks

Jump on board the DIY home improvement craze with the best handpicked solutions from the interwebs. Winning criteria? Simplicity, usefulness and creativity.

1) DIY Bathroom Appliance Storage

Bathroom accessories can make a bathroom look extremely messy. If you’re sharing the bathroom with at least one other person chances are you’re fighting for sink space. Solve it once and for all with this clever solution. Use stick on hooks and then attach a mesh box to the hooks. 




2) Handy Toothbrush Holder

Forget the fancy toothbrush holder cluttering your sink. Drill some holes in the medicine cabinet to easily store your toothbrushes



3) Foam Noodle Scratch Protection

Narrow garage? No problem! Attach half a pool noodle to the side walls to keep your car dent free. Great solution if you have young children



4) Hinged Paining 

Sick of looking at your thermostat? Hide it behind a hinged painting that will brighten up your walls!



5) DIY Home Security

If you have internet at home and a smartphone, you can set up plug-in wifi cameras and monitor these cameras from your phone. There is no drilling required. Find out more.


6) Glass Whiteboard

Fancy a whiteboard in your kitchen? Use dry erase marker on glass for a perfectly customisable whiteboard to suit any house decor. Put it in a nice frame for the finishing touch!



7) Invisible Bookshelf

Create the unique floating book effect by drilling a metal bracket to the wall and attaching it to the inside cover of a book. Simple and easy way to decorate your walls!



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