How to keep your home secure in winter

How to keep your home secure in winter

For our UK users, the nights are becoming longer and the days much shorter, as winter draws in.

The skies are suddenly dark at 4 pm and we find ourselves submerged in darkness 16 hours a day.

Darkness can create fear for some people, and for good reason too. In 2016, December had the highest rate of home burglary in the UK, with around 448 burglaries a day! 

It is clear to see why the gloomy winter months can create fear in the community… let’s be honest, you rarely see a horror film set in broad daylight.

Here at Cammy, we might not know much about horror films, but we certainly do have some handy tips on how to keep your home secure during the winter months.


CCTV Security and Alarm

Of course, we are bound to say this, but an excellent and effective way to keep your home secure is to invest in security cameras. Firstly, a camera undoubtedly acts as a great deterrent and secondly, in the unfortunate event of a burglary, provides you with immediate evidence of the intruder.

With Cammy, you enjoy a camera + alarm system. You live view home from your mobile, look back at historical events and be alerted as soon as a person is detected on camera. 


Leave a light on

Leaving a light on can act as a deterrent for any passers-by. Creating the illusion that someone is home is a great way to ward off criminals.

Leaving a light on also makes coming home less intimidating, as you can enter your home with clear vision.


Move Christmas gifts out of sight

For those who manage to get their Christmas shopping done in good time, leaving Christmas gifts wrapped up and carefully displayed under the tree in the living room window may look nice, but they are also a tempting invitation for a burglar. 

Keep your curtains closed to stop prying eyes, or, move all presents out of sight!


Do not advertise your absence on Social Media

I know everyone is itching to brag about their last-minute festive trip to Copenhagen for the Christmas markets, or the annual trip to Centre Parks with the entire family, but perhaps keep this off social media until you return!

Advertising your absence to all those on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram is risky business and indicates an empty household. I think we would all agree that the Likes from a Facebook post don’t make up for a broken front door and stolen Christmas presents!


Keep an eye of your keys

It may sound incredibly simple, but being mindful of the whereabouts of your keys is always a great way to ensure you are keeping your home secure. If you do find yourself misplacing your keys, change the locks immediately!


Notify a Neighbour

Last but not least, notify a trusted neighbour if you’re going away over the Christmas holidays. They can keep an eye out for any suspicious activity and call the police accordingly.

Furthermore, a neighbour can collect your mail to prevent the house from looking like it is vacant!



We know that with all the commotion of Christmas present shopping, food preparations and fleeting trips to visit all the Family by the New Year, keeping on top of your home’s security can end up taking a back seat.

Here at Cammy, we want to ensure that keeping your home secure does not fall to the bottom of the list!

Following these simple and easy steps can help keep you and your home safe this Christmas.