10 Home Security Basics You Need To Follow

10 Home Security Basics You Need To Follow

Did you know the mental impact of a burglary can be traumatic and long term?

So don’t let it happen to you or your loved ones.

While it’s easy to become complacent in your own home, the key to preventing a burglary is to stay wary and proactive about home security at all times.

Here are 10 home security basics you need to follow to minimise the risk of your property being targeted:

1. Don’t broadcast your absence on social media



“So excited for this holiday! 6 days in paradise!”

Don’t post that on Facebook or other social media platform as burglars have now taken to social media to look for targets. Burglars can search for keywords on Facebook to make a list of people who are going away soon or check geotagged locations or “check-ins” on social media to find victims who are away from home. So make sure you refrain from checking in or posting holiday snaps until after you’ve come back home.

2. Secure all entry points



One of the biggest home security mistakes that people make is failing to secure all entry points whenever they leave the house.

So even if you’re popping out for 10 minutes to walk the dog or to post a package, make sure you lock your front, back, side and garage doors, windows and gates. Most burglars are opportunists so if they struggle to get in at one entry point, it’s likely that they’ll seek an alternative target.

3. Groom your backyard and garden regularly



Not only does a poorly maintained backyard and garden show that you haven’t been home for a while, but overgrown greenery also offers a hiding place for burglars.

Don’t let your home become a target for burglars. Make sure you maintain the exterior of your home regularly and stow any tools, ladders or lawn chairs away in a locked shed. This way burglars will have nowhere to hide and no available tools to help them break in.

4. Install adequate lighting in and around your home



Burglars love the cover of darkness so make sure you put them in the spotlight with outdoor security lights. Here’s our list of the best outdoor security lights.

It’s also a good idea to install timed lighting inside your home to create the illusion that you’re home at night, even when you’re away. Check out 5 ways to turn on your lights when you’re not home.

5. Don’t leave valuables in plain sight



While this is an obvious one, this home security basic is a commonly forgotten one. Perhaps you’re in a rush or you simply don’t think a burglary could happen to you…

…Think again.

Here at Cammy, a lot of customers come to us AFTER they’ve suffered a burglary so it’s important to be proactive and wary. Make sure you close your curtains every time you leave the house or hide your valuables to reduce the temptation for burglars.

6. Hide evidence of expensive purchases



Carelessly throwing expensive packaging away (e.g. leaving it outside your home or next to your rubbish bin) can make your home a target for burglars.

So if you recently purchased a new TV, Macbook, handbag or other expensive items, make sure you break down the packaging and cover it up before throwing it away.

7. Be careful who you let into your home



One of the shocking ways burglars case your home is by knocking on your front door. There have been news articles on burglars posing as salespeople and in some cases, burglars simply walk up to your door and knock.

Be sure to always ask for ID and avoid opening the door to strangers by installing a front door security camera to see who’s at the door straight from your phone.

8. Mark your property

One home security basic is to mark your property so it is known a certain item belongs to you and to make your valuables look less desirable to burglars.

There are several ways to do this including etching, labelling, using ultraviolet markers or microdots. Read more on property marking here.

9. If you’re going away, put your mail on hold



There’s nothing like a mailbox full of letters and a porch stacked with packages to let people know you haven’t been home in a while.

So if you can’t be at home to receive a package or if you’re going away on holiday, make sure you put your mail on hold or redirect it to a friend, trusted neighbour or relative.

This will also help you avoid package theft. Here are some more ways to avoid getting your packages stolen.

10. Invest in visible home security cameras


Home security cameras are proven to be powerful burglar deterrents. In fact, nearly 60% of burglars said that they consider the presence of security cameras to be a deterrent when selecting a target, while more than 40% of burglars said that they would choose a different target.

When installing home security cameras, make sure they’re visible from outside your home and you have some indoor cameras installed to monitor the thoroughfares of your house. Read more on where to place your security cameras.

Hopefully, this post has helped you identify some weak points in your home security and be sure to implement these 10 home security basics to protect your home and valuables.

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