Home Security Knowledge Quiz

Home Security Knowledge Quiz

Did you know that 46% of burglars would enter a home while you’re inside?

Take our quiz now to test your home security knowledge and find out if you’re a novice, amateur or expert! At the very least you’ll be better equipped to protect your home.

  1. 1. What is the most common entry point used by burglars?

  2. 2. When are burglars most likely to strike?

  3. 3. What percentage of burglars are caught by Police?

  4. 4. What makes a house attractive to burglars?

  5. 5. What do burglars look for first once they’ve gained entry?

  6. 6. What house location increases your risk of burglary?

  7. 7. How much can a home security system reduce your risk of burglary?