Home Security Knowledge Quiz Answers

Home Security Knowledge Quiz Answers

1. What is the most common entry point used by burglars?

Answer: Front Door

34% of burglars walk in through unlocked front doors, 23% climbed in through first floor windows and 22% used the back door to gain entry. Even if you’re leaving your home for a short period, make sure all the entry points to your home are secured.

2. When are burglars most likely to strike?

Answer: Daytime

Most burglaries occur during daytime between the hours of 10am – 3pm. Burglars love empty homes so they strike when people are out at work or school. This reduces their risk of getting caught or running into resistance. Some burglars will even pose as salesmen to case your house. Make sure you don’t fall victim by pointing a security camera at your front door and arming your system whenever you leave the house!

3. What percentage of burglars are caught by Police?

Answer: 12%

Unfortunately most burglars get away with your valuables. This makes it all the more necessary to capture video footage of the burglary so that evidence can be provided to the Police. Here at Cammy we have helped Police catch a number of burglars with camera evidence.

4. What makes a house attractive to burglars?

Answer: All of the above

When casing a home, burglars will look for lack of visible security (alarms and cameras), an unmanaged yard and high fences.

Did you know, if you have visible security cameras, burglars are 300% less likely to target you?

Houses with high fences attract thieves and provide cover. Similarly, if you have weeds or tall grass you leave more opportunity for someone to hide. This is especially true if you allow plants to conceal windows or back doors.
Regularly maintain your yard, mow the lawn and install visible security cameras to deter burglars.

5. What do burglars look for first once they’ve gained entry?

Answer: Cash

According to The University of North Carolina at Charlotte Department of Criminal Justice & Criminology, 79% of burglars look for cash first once they’ve gained entry. This is followed closely by jewellery (68%), illegal drugs (58%) and electronics (56%).

The best way to protect your money is by putting it in the bank and out of a burglar’s reach. However if this is not an option, read our 10 worst places to hide valuables before choosing your hiding place. Make sure it’s not on the list and mark your property to reduce the risk of valuables being taken.

6. What house location increases your risk of burglary?

Answer: All of the above

The more visible the house, the higher the risk of being caught. So naturally houses in cul-de-sacs and suburbs are targeted more than those on highways and urban areas. Similarly, corner lots have fewer neighbours and more options for escape, making them more attractive to burglars.

If you live in any of these high risk house locations, make sure you have your bases covered (deadlocks, bars on windows, lock all entry points) and have visible home security.

7. How much can a home security system reduce your risk of burglary?

Answer: 2.7 times less likely to be burgled

According to the F.B.I, burglars are 2.7 times less likely to target homes with home security systems.

Make sure your home, family and valuables are protected today. Not sure where to get started? Read our post on how to choose a home security system.