The Homes Have Eyes: Every Burglar’s Worst Nightmare

The Homes Have Eyes: Every Burglar’s Worst Nightmare

Coming to a home near you this Halloween…The Homes Have Eyes: Every Burglar’s Worst Nightmare.

The Homes Have Eyes Every Burglar's Worst Nightmare

Everyone knows the 2006 horror movie The Hills Have Eyes…

…but have you heard of The Homes Have Eyes? The latter is every burglar’s worst nightmare…

Why burglars are running scared from The Homes Have Eyes

The Homes that have “eyes” are of course, homes with security cameras.

In fact, burglars are so spooked that they’re 2.7x less likely to target homes with security cameras.

Give your home “eyes” with security cameras and enjoy the peace of mind that comes from knowing your home is waiting and watching while you sleep or go about your day. A home with “eyes” can help you:

  • prevent a break in from happening
  • alert you to someone breaking in
  • scare a burglar away after they have broken in
  • capture evidence to help the Police catch the burglar

Burglars love taking advantage of special events like Halloween when you’re not home. Make sure you have you have your bases covered before you go trick-or-treating. Read more about how to choose a home security system to find one that’s perfect for your lifestyle and needs.

This Halloween, make sure you’ve equipped your home with burglar deterrents and “eyes” – every burglar’s worst nightmare! Don’t let them fool you with their disguises either…

Happy trick or treating!

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