How to Burglar Proof Your Home

How to Burglar Proof Your Home

It’s something we all worry about – having someone break into our home and go through our personal belongings, violating the sanctity of what should be a safe place for our family. Burglar proofing your home, though, is not a laborious task that needs to cost a lot of money. Here we explore some ways you can burglar-proof your home, inexpensively and with a minimum of fuss.

1. Install a security camera system with motion detection

There are a number of security camera systems which offer motion detection capabilities. This type of system will ensure that if an intruder does decide to break in, your camera will record it all. Dependent on their placement, security cameras also act as a visual deterrent to potential burglars.

2. Maintain your home


A home that looks like it’s looked after is a burglar-proof home. Keep your lawns mowed, the gardens well-kept and keep repairs up to date.

A lick of paint and a clean driveway, the edges trimmed and washed windows will tell potential thieves that your home is lived in and there’s a chance you’re home. They’ll be less likely to risk running into the homeowner.

Don’t, however, plant tall bushes that can act as cover for thieves trying to get into your home. If you must plant, though, opt for greenery with thorns and prickles to deter people from accessing your property.

3. Use locks


Keep doors locked, install window bolts and even the old piece of dowel indoor/window runners works great. Don’t forget garages and sheds, or any other facilities you have on your property. Of course, with everything locked and secured, don’t leave keys under fake stones in the front garden.

4. Increase your personal privacy

A burglar-proof home is also a private home. Keep window coverings drawn – thieves will ‘case out’ a place before they return to rob it, and if they can’t see inside they won’t invest in the risk and come back.

Privacy also extends to social media – don’t advertise that you’re going away. Don’t post photos of your trip while you’re still away.

Your friends might be trustworthy but others can see your posts (for example, if your friends ‘like’ your post, their friends can see it).

If you do go away ask a trusted friend or neighbour to keep your home looking ‘lived in’ by collecting your mail, watering your garden and (if you’re away for a little while) keeping your lawns mowed. Set timers in your home to turn appliances on and off, such as radios and lamps.