Infographic: How A Burglary Impacts Your Life

Infographic: How A Burglary Impacts Your Life

If you have never been a victim of burglary, you might think that the primary effect experienced by those that have is a loss of property. You’d be wrong.

Most valuables can be replaced, and thanks to insurance, often at little cost. For many victims, the real impact of burglary is emotional. The knowledge that someone has been in your home and rummaged through your belongings, and the fear that they could potentially do it again, is what stays with victims.

The infographic below explores the issue of long-term emotional impact, as well as how a lack of support, and lax sentencing, could be aggravating the effect of burglary on victims.

Have you ever been a victim of burglary? How did it affect you? Please feel free to share your experience in the comments below.