How Cammy Is Different From The Competition

How Cammy Is Different From The Competition


If you have just stumbled across Cammy, you’re probably wondering what separates us from all the other home security systems and IP camera related products out there.

You might be thinking, surely I can buy an IP camera from eBay and do everything that Cammy does? If you could do that, we wouldn’t be in business.

Let’s look at what makes Cammy different from other home security solutions.

Person detection

All home security systems work by detecting motion, usually via motion sensors or cameras. Detecting motion is the easy part, it’s detecting what caused the motion that is difficult.

For this reason, false alarms are a huge problem in the home security world.

The slightest movement is enough to set off most systems, whether that’s your dog running around, a tree blowing in the wind or a change of sunlight.

Most security cameras will require you to scroll through meaningless footage to find what you’re looking for and/or alert you every time there is motion.

Even worse, traditional home security systems will set off a loud alarm that requires you to go home to investigate.

But with Cammy, you have the option to only receive alerts when your cameras detect a person.

We do this using artificial intelligence and our image recognition is better than Google, Amazon and Microsoft.

With our no false alarm guarantee, you have the peace of mind of knowing that if someone is trespassing on your property or trying to break in, you will be notified.

Auto arm / disarm

Statistics show that one of the main reasons security systems don’t work is that they simply weren’t armed during a break in.

Cammy recognised this as a big problem for many people, especially those of us sharing a house with family members who are in and out at different times of the day.

Cammy solves this problem by automatically arming your alarm when everyone is out of the home.

To do this we use geofence technology.

This allows the Cammy software to detect if a person is at home via their mobile phone. As soon as a verified phone enters home and connects to the WiFi, the alarm is disarmed.

Similarly, the alarm is armed as soon as all mobile devices are disconnected from the home WiFi. No more panicking at work, or worse, or as your plane takes off, that your home is unprotected.

Extremely easy setup

Cammy is DIY and is as simple as 1-2-3.

  1. Plug your camera into power
  2. Open the Cammy app to connect your camera to WiFi
  3. Start monitoring

The simplicity of the Cammy system is that the hardware can be moved around and placed anywhere with a power source, and configuring the software is taken care of via a quick 3-step process within the app.

The app has had thorough user testing and is supported by our customer service team should you ever need a helping hand. In reality, you’ll probably never need us, all you need to do is follow the prompts.

Sharing and privacy options

With Cammy, you can have your cameras stop recording footage when you’re home and only activate when everyone is out of the home.

You can also share the alarm with other house members but not the footage. Cammy allows you to set these preferences independently so that you are in control of who sees what.

In addition, your cameras are password protected and your footage secured within the cloud. Unlike IP cameras which come with default passwords, we make sure your cameras are extra secured in the setup process.

30 Day Cloud Storage

With Cammy snapshots are taken anytime your cameras detect movement. These snapshots are saved the cloud for 30 days and are viewable on the app.

With snapshots, you can quickly see what your cameras captured without having to watch the video.

If an intruder is detected you can always switch to live view or playback the event in HD video.

For those events you want to keep you can export these and share them by email or social media.

Live HD View and 2-Way Audio

See a live HD video view from phone and press the speaker button to make your camera talk. Tell the family you’ll be soon, the dog to get off the couch or the burglar that the police are on their way.

Quality hardware

The cameras we offer are top of the range. You can pan/tilt/ from the Cammy app, 2-way audio and see infrared. Check out our indoor camera or our outdoor camera.

Customer service

Got a problem? Need help? Good luck with that if you bought any IP camera. With Cammy, you get customer support, we’re here for you.

If you do your research, you’ll quickly discover why our amazing customers choose Cammy over other solutions.

Got a question, need more information? Please contact us at

Get started with Cammy today and secure your home before it’s too late!

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