How Cammy stopped a stalker

How Cammy stopped a stalker

We know that keeping your family and loved ones safe is one of your top priorities. So imagine being able to save them from dangerous situations no matter where you are…

That’s what happened to one of our Cammy customers who was able to save his partner from a stalker. Here’s his story:


It was 1am when I received an alert on my phone. When I checked my phone I saw that it was an alert from Cammy saying that an intruder had been detected at my partner’s house.

I had decided to install a Cammy camera at my partner’s house ever since she began having issues with a stalker. This would allow me to monitor all the comings and goings at my partner’s house and to make sure she was always safe at home.

When I went into the Cammy app to view the alert, I saw a strange man loitering outside my partner’s window….it was the stalker.

I called the Police straight away through the Cammy app then made my way over to my partner’s house to deal with the stalker and keep her safe.

I was able to get to my partner’s house before any harm was caused by him. Shortly after, the Police arrived and arrested him.

She now has a restraining order against him and we’ve decided to take further legal action against this guy to make sure he pays for stalking my partner and making her feel unsafe in her own home.


The footage caught on Cammy will be used as evidence to show how he has been terrorising my partner and will ensure he gets what he deserves.

It may sound dramatic but Cammy stopped a stalker that night and saved a life. Who knows what he might have done and what could have happened if Cammy had not alerted me…

Previously, I have installed several CCTV systems for my family but none can compare to Cammy. And Cammy is much easier to install compared to traditional wired systems which require drilling into walls and floors.  

I love knowing that I can keep an eye on my partner’s safety from anywhere, anytime. Thanks for the peace of mind Cammy!

Over the past couple of years, Cammy has helped put a number of criminals behind bars and it’s events like this that make what we do here at Cammy so worthwhile.

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