How I Caught A Burglar In My Sleep

How I Caught A Burglar In My Sleep

On the morning of March 18th, I heard a knock at the door. It was the Police.

They told me that a burglar had broken into my neighbour’s house the previous night and stole their TV, some games and a laptop.

The Police noticed that I had security cameras by my front door and asked if they could see the footage from the previous night.

I explained to the Police that the cameras were Cammy cameras so any motion detected events would have been recorded and saved into to the Cammy app.

I invited the Police officers inside and began scrolling the Cammy app for any motion detected events from the night before. That’s when I saw something unusual.

My camera had caught footage of a man running down my street with my neighbour’s stuff in a wheelbarrow. The burglar stopped right outside my house to readjust the TV he had stolen. My camera was able to get a good image of what this guy looked like.

I was so glad I could give Police footage, in the hope they would catch the burglar who stole from my neighbours. I’ve been burgled myself before, so I know what if feels like. In my case, the burglar took all of my wife’s jewellery, my kids iPads and other valuable items. I worked really hard to be able to afford those items and for someone to come in and steal them from me broke my heart.

It’s so easy for someone to steal other people’s valuables and sentimental belongings without thinking about how it’s going to affect those people. I didn’t want it to happen again to my family, so that’s why I decided to get Cammy to protect my home.

The news I was waiting for…

The next day I got a phone call from the Police saying that the burglar had been found and arrested. Thanks to my camera footage, the Police were able to recognise the burglar and identify him as a known criminal from the area who had committed crimes like this before.

The burglary itself didn’t have any witnesses so without my Cammy camera they wouldn’t have been able to arrest the guy.

All of my neighbour’s stolen goods were returned and they were very grateful to myself and Cammy.

My experience with Cammy has been incredible and that’s why I wanted to share my story. The product itself is great – the footage is very clear even at night – and the customer service team are awesome, there are so many people to help when I need to contact them. 

I have already recommended Cammy to all my friends and would recommend that everyone buy this product to protect your homes and what is most valuable to you.  So thanks, Cammy!

-Muhammad Chaudhry

Muhammad is a Cammy customer based in the UK and has been with Cammy since August 2015

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