How secure is Cammy?

How secure is Cammy?

Something we get asked a lot is “how secure is Cammy?” and “can my cameras be hacked?” The simple answer to these questions is Cammy is very secure and no your cameras can’t get hacked.

Having security cameras in your home is supposed to make you feel safe and secure from potential intruders, however, if you are worried about your cameras being hacked then it is hard to feel safe.

We understand your concerns about security, there has been a lot of news going around about internet connections getting hacked and having security breaches. There have even been reports of cars getting hacked and being stolen with nothing but a laptop.

So to help put your mind at ease here’s the lowdown on how secure Cammy really is and all the security information you need to know.

How Secure is Cammy?

Since Cammy began in 2014 there have been no security breaches and none of our customers have been hacked. Here at Cammy, we are committed to protecting the security of your data. There are a variety of security measures in place that we use to protect your cameras and data from unauthorised access.

Cammy has been built to protect your IP camera from hacking and ensure the security of your data. Your cameras are password protected and all footage is private to you and who you have shared a camera with. Australia has very strict privacy laws and Cammy abides by all of them. We will not share your private footage or sell your information. Ever.

Can my Cammy camera be hacked?

For those worried about their cameras being hacked – it’s impossible to reconstruct the feed to cameras and to isolate individual user’s images. So there is no way our customers can be targeted and have their cameras hacked.

Your footage is safely secured in the cloud and password protected. We encrypt passwords so only you can decrypt and share your password and only with the required credentials. Footage is stored on a server, not on the cameras, and images cannot be accessed from the cameras even with the FTP password.

Can my Cammy account be hacked?

For customers to access their account Cammy requires customers to enter a password. These passwords are stored and hashed with a bcrypt, meaning that they can’t be accessed in the unlikely event of the database being hacked. Cammy does not have access to your camera passwords, these are securely stored and encrypted in our database. We recommend that you do not share your password with anyone else.

The Cammy app itself connects to the Cammy cloud service using AES 128-bit encryption and Transport Layer Security. Cammy uses Amazon Web Services and Microsoft Azure for cloud servers and online storage. Our data is stored using Azure cloud storage using random file names that are impossible to reconstruct. All Cammy systems run on an isolated network and cannot be accessed through the internet

The future of Cammy security

To help secure your cameras even more we are currently working on additional security measures. Further authorisation and access controls are being implemented within the next 3-4 months so that users will have to be logged in to their accounts to see images which will add an extra layer of protection.

Hopefully, this has helped put your mind at ease. Cammy cameras are secure and can not be hacked, they have been made to help protect your home and provide peace of mind. We take the security of our cameras and software very seriously and our developers work hard to make sure Cammy is as secure as it possibly can be.

If you are interested in security for your home or business, check out Cammy. Cammy lets you keep an eye on your home from anywhere anytime right from your phone with Cammy’s smartphone app. If an intruder is detected Cammy will alert you straight away so you always know what’s going on at your home or business.

If you have any further questions in regards to the security of our cameras please feel free to get in touch with who can help answer any questions you may have.