What is Dog Fighting?

What is Dog Fighting?

Dog fighting and your dog being stolen go hand in hand.

As a dog owner, it’s probably your worst fear but yes, it happens.

If you don’t believe me do a Google search for “stolen dogs” and define your search to news only (for credible news sources). You’ll see a long list of stories like the below:


Scary huh.

So why do people steal dogs? Like most crime, money is what drives people to steal dogs, whether for breeding or selling.

And then there’s dogfighting.

Dog fighting has been around for decades but it didn’t get a lot of attention until the NFL’s Michael Vick was implicated in an illegal interstate dogfighting ring. This led to new laws and tougher penalties in the US.


How To Protect Your Dog From Being Stolen

As a dog owner, how can you avoid your pet from being stolen?

There is a lot of information online. The problem is a lot of that information is not practical, such as:

  • Keep your dog indoors when you’re not home
  • Don’t put your dog in a fenced-off yard visible from the street
  • Don’t leave your dog in the car
  • Don’t tie your dog outside a store
  • Know where your dog is at all times
  • Be aware of strangers in the neighbourhood

Using the 80/20 principle, here are the 20% of things you can do that will make 80% of the difference.

a) get your dog microchipped and desexed

b) put an ID tag on your dog

c) create a secure yard

Do those three things and you’ll go a long way to preventing your dog from being stolen.

But wait, there’s more…

There is one more thing you can do (thanks to us) and that’s setting up video surveillance of your home, backyard and/or gate – that you can monitor from your mobile phone.


Think about it.

With video surveillance, you can see if anyone approaches your home and act straight away. You can capture number plates of a vehicle and the intruder himself.

You can also display a sign that lets an intruder know that your property is being monitored. There’s no bigger deterrent.

The peace of mind alone is enough to give our service a try.

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