How To Protect Yourself in 2015

How To Protect Yourself in 2015

The holiday time brings no shortage of traditions, and even though the New Year means the end of the season, it brings with it plenty of customs of its own. From traditional good-luck dishes, to specular night time firework displays, everyone has something special that they do to welcome the New Year.

One common tradition is setting New Year resolutions. We like to do things that will improve our life or the quality of life of the people we care most about. Some of the most popular resolutions include losing weight, quitting smoking, and spending more time with family.

While those are all admirable things to strive for, they overlook one important requirement of living a good life – being and feeling safe. For that reason, here are three great New Year’s resolutions that can go a long way in improving your safety:

1. Keep Your Personal Information Safe


As we become more and more dependent on technology, identify theft is going to continue to remain a serious threat. If you’re careless with your personal information, it’s just a matter of time before you become a victim yourself. Luckily however, training yourself to follow these practical safety tips will help protect your identity, credit, and peace of mind.

  • Review both your credit card accounts and full credit report regularly. Catching identity theft early on can save you a ton of headaches down the road.
  • One of the most common tricks used by cyber criminals is “phishing” websites that look just like their legitimate counterparts. Always check your browser’s address bar to make sure you’re actually where you think you are before entering any personal information.
  • Use a unique password for each site you visit – especially for the most sensitive accounts like your online banking and primary email. This way, even if your credentials are compromised on one site, the thieves won’t have access to any of your other online information.

2. Become More Aware of Your Surroundings


Another pitfall of technology is the way that it distracts us from our surroundings. Things like walking down the road with your head down while staring at your smartphone can make you much more susceptible to crime. By setting a New Year’s resolution to put distractions aside, you can stay much safer and alert while you’re out shopping, walking to your car, or enjoying a few drinks with friends.

Some great tips for becoming more aware of your surroundings include:

  • Walk confidently, with your head up, surveying the people around you. Criminals like to target the unsuspecting victim – not the one who just looked them in the face.
  • Keep distractions, especially expensive electronics, put away and out of sight until you are somewhere that you can stop and safely use them. If you’re on your phone walking down the street, your surroundings are changing faster than you can survey them.
  • Avoid following the same patterns daily. Whether you’re a small business owner who goes to the bank at the same time each day, or maybe the employee who always leaves work last, people take notice. If you’re unlucky, it will be the wrong people noticing. It doesn’t take the most observant criminal to catch on to your routines – especially if you’re distracted from the world around you.

3. Protect Your Home from Dangerous Criminals


If you’re serious about keeping yourself and your family safe, there’s no better way than by improving safety at home. Not only do we spend a large portion of time at home, but it’s somewhere that we feel comfortable enough to put our guard down – perfect for the opportunistic criminal.

Thankfully, this is one area of personal safety that technology has improved. Cammy Home Alarm, often considered one of the most innovative home security products on the market, makes it easy to watch your home no matter where you are or what you’re doing.

Just a few of the ways Cammy Home Alarm can protect your home, family, and possessions include:

  • Cammy Is Easy to Use – Cammy can be used with nearly any IP camera or computer webcam to set up your own home monitoring system.
  • 24/7 Monitoring While You’re Out – Cammy has a professional monitoring team that will keep an eye on your home for you around the clock when you’re not there, regardless of whether you’re across town or across the globe.
  • Cammy Home Alarm Fits into Nearly Any Budget – Most people think that having a professional home security system is expensive, and normally they’re right. With Cammy, however, affordability isn’t an issue. Anyone can use Cammy to set up a closed-circuit camera system in their home for free, and an entire month’s worth of professional monitoring is less than most people spend on a single restaurant meal.



Setting resolutions for the New Year is a great way to motivate yourself to improve your life and the lives of the people you care about. But just be careful not to overlook the most important and basic requirements of happiness, including personal safety. When you’re looking for ways to be happier and healthier during 2015, consider setting resolutions that keep you and your family safe, both online and offline.