How to respond to a home break in – 10 step action plan

How to respond to a home break in – 10 step action plan

Ever since I set up Cammy I’ve been waiting to catch a burglar in the act!

Thankfully it hasn’t happened yet and I’m hoping it never does. But it got me thinking, what would I do if the Cammy app did alert me that someone was breaking into my home?


With this in mind, I’ve put together some action steps below.

Obviously the first minutes after you receive an alert are the most crucial. Your actions could determine whether the intruder gets caught, whether your family remains unharmed or whether you able to collect the evidence you need to help police catch the offender.

In order of priority here are my recommendations on what to do immediately after you receive an alert.

Step 1: View the event

View the event to verify that it is in fact, an intruder. You should know very quickly what you’re dealing with. If you’re not sure, switch to live view and monitor the person until you confirm there is a crime in progress. Many cases have been reported of burglars posing as salesmen so keep an eye on door to door sales people. Once you’re sure it’s an intruder, proceed to step two.

Step 2: Communicate with other house members

If you have shared your alarm and/or cameras with other house members you may want to check in with them before taking action. Maybe the person on camera is your daughter’s friend visiting or some other non-threat? Of course, time is of the essence and if the person is acting suspicious and/or clearly breaking in, then it’s time to move to step three.

Step 3: Call the police

If there is a crime in progress you should call the police. Stay calm and provide as much detail as possible. Emphasise that the intruder is at your premises and you’re watching them live on camera. If you suspect any family members may be at home or you have a firearm on your premises, remember to mention this to the police.

Step 4: Use live view

Live view your cameras to keep watch over what’s happening, so you can update Police on any developments.

Step 5: Drive home

Once you have been assured the police are on the way, make your way home. Chances are the police have already caught the intruder! If not, they will want to take a statement and review the footage when they arrive. If you arrive before the police car, wait outside the house. It is best to keep the crime scene in tact and avoid possible confrontation with the intruder.

Step 6: Download the footage

When you get a chance, go to “events” within the app and download any relevant footage to your computer. To do this simply tap the 3 dots next to the event and click “export”. The footage will be sent to your email address. From there you can download the file, save it to your computer and forward it onto the police.

Step 7: Make a record of stolen items

If the intruder got away try to make a record of anything missing. Using your saved footage, trace the intruder’s steps around the house and record any damages or missing items. You will need a comprehensive list for your insurance company.

Step 8: Contact your insurance provider

It is advisable to contact your insurance company within 24-48 hours of the event. Depending on your policy and provider, the time to make a claim can range from 24 hours – 14 days. Look into the terms and conditions of your policy ahead of time.

Step 9: Fix damages

If glass has been shattered or locks have been broken, they will need to be replaced immediately to deter future criminals. Search online for 24 hour locksmiths and glass repairs in your area. Try to have this organised the same day. If your locks were easily broken, consider replacing all the locks in your home.

Step 10: Move forward but stay alert

Homes that have been burgled once are more likely to be targeted again. A break-in can leave you feeling unsafe, helpless or angry for months after the event. For more information on the emotional impact of a home invasion, look over this post. For a guide on where to find your stolen items, click here.

Just remember that homes burgled once are more likely to be targeted again so it’s best to be on alert. Lucky you’ll have Cammy to do that for you.

To Summarise:

When you get an intruder alert you should.

  • Immediately view the event and verify the person is an intruder
  • Communicate with other house members
  • Call the police
  • Use two way audio to scare away the intruder
  • Drive home and wait for police to arrive
  • Download the footage from the Cammy app
  • Record all stolen items and damaged property
  • Contact your insurance provider
  • Fix any damages to property
  • Try to move forward with counselling

Want to see Cammy in action? Click here.