How To Secure Your Garage From Thieves

How To Secure Your Garage From Thieves

Often the garage is forgotten when it comes to home security, but your garage is just as attractive to burglars as your home. The expensive tools, your lawnmower and your car – these items are very appealing to burglars.

Fortunately, we have compiled some top home security tips for how you can secure your garage from thieves.

1. Install a security system

One of the best ways you can secure your garage from thieves is by installing a security system. Outdoor security cameras are great for securing your garage and deterring burglars from breaking in. 60% of convicted burglars said that the presence of outdoor security cameras influenced their decision to target another home without security cameras.

Secondly, many security cameras these days can send an alert right to your phone if a person is detected, so if your security camera catches someone trying to break into your garage you will be notified and can take action right away. For more information, check out the top benefits of outdoor security cameras.

2. Secure your garage door

This may seem obvious but never leave your garage door open even if someone is at home, burglars are quick and can sneak in and out without you noticing. Ensure that your garage door locks securely, for extra security you can have more than one lock on your garage door – this can include deadbolts and padlocks.

If you have any valuables in your garage like expensive tools, store these away in a locked cabinet to make it more difficult for burglars to steal. The garage door itself should be made of sturdy material such as fibreglass, solid wood, solid wood core, or metal doors are best.

3. Secure your garage windows

Windows can be an easy entry point for thieves so make sure that your garage windows are secure. Install locks on your garage windows if you don’t already have them and make sure that they are always kept locked. Another way to secure your garage windows is by installing window bars, these will stop burglars from prying open the window or even breaking the glass.

An easy and quick way to secure your garage windows is by covering them with blinds or curtains. This way burglars can’t window shop and can’t see what valuables you may have in your garage.

4. Keep the area well lit

Motion detector lights are a good idea to help secure your garage from thieves. Lights are great because they add an extra layer of security. If someone is snooping around your garage trying to break in the lights will detect them and turn on. A well-lit area will help scare away potential thieves because they are afraid of being seen. Read our blog on the best outdoor security lights to find the best lights to use for your garage.

5. Secure your garage door opener

To avoid giving a burglar easy access to your garage don’t leave your garage door opener in the car, take it with you. If a burglar were to break into your car and the garage door opener was in there they would then have easy access to your garage and potentially, your home.

The best thing you can do is to get a small keychain remote that you can take with you or attach to your keys to replace your big remote. For information on how you can protect your car from thieves read our blog about car security tips.