How to use the Cammy web app

How to use the Cammy web app

Using the Cammy phone app is great for checking on your home or business when you’re on the go, but what about when you’re at your computer?

This is where the Cammy web app is great, particularly if you want to keep an eye on things while you work.

If you’re a Cammy customer, you can access the Cammy web app by visiting the Cammy website and clicking Sign In in the navigation bar.

cammy web app sign in

Once you are signed in, you will see all your cameras.

web app

If you click on a camera, you will see a timeline of all motion events in reverse-chronological order.

cammy web app

Paying subscribers will see a “Play” icon that if clicked will show all snapshots from that event.

If you haven’t tried the Cammy web app, try it today!

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