How you can make your community safer

How you can make your community safer

It’s 1929, and Charles Nelson of Hoxton East London taps on a home’s window to wake up the occupants. Before the invention of alarm clocks, this was a real job, and no, there wasn’t a snooze option.
old alarm clock


Thanks to technology the problem of waking up is easier to manage today. This is what most technology does, it makes an existing problem easier to manage. Whether that’s Uber making commuting easier, Ebay making it easier to sell your stuff, or PayPal making it easier to transfer money.

However, the best kind of technology strives to eliminate problems rather than make problems easier to manage. This is what Google is aiming to do with self-driving cars to solve the problem of car accidents. Rather than develop new airbag technology, Google is attempting a much harder challenge of removing human drivers which cause over 90% of car accidents.

This idea of solving problems is what excites us here at Cammy. Our camera based security system already solves the problems of existing security systems such as false alarms, but as we grow there is an opportunity to try and solve the problem of property crime which causes emotional and financial pain to so many.

While we can’t guarantee this is a problem we can totally eliminate, we’re confident that the more homes and businesses that have cameras, the less attractive property crime becomes. 

We already know from existing surveys that burglars are less likely to target premises with security. We also know that burglars are less likely to commit a crime if they know someone is watching. With the mass adoption of cameras, comes greater awareness of camera monitoring, and this forces criminals to think twice before committing a property crime.

If a crime is committed, cameras allow a community to share footage of the suspect and the criminal could be identified miles away from the original crime scene. You can see how powerful fighting crime becomes with more homes and businesses adopting camera monitoring.

This is how Cammy can help tackle the problem of property crime, but we can’t do it without your help. The more homes and businesses that have security cameras, the safer our communities will become.

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