Innovative ways to use your smartphone

Innovative ways to use your smartphone

You take your smartphone everywhere with you. It’s almost impossible not to. With the number of apps available reaching over 2.2 million, your phone can be used for almost all aspects of your day to day routines.

If you find yourself using the same apps over and over, it may be time to check out what else is out there. Let’s take a look at just a few unique ways to use your smartphone:

1. Control your TV

Back in the day, it was easy to control the TV. You had one remote that did it all. A home theater today consists of four or five different remotes, that all have a specific purpose. It’s time to simplify your life by replacing that messy pile of remotes with an app that can control everything and more. Find out what app best fits your TV control needs.

2. Monitor your health

Your smartphone has the ability to track your physical health and exercise. If getting motivated seems impossible, think again. There are great free and affordable smartphone apps that make working out and tracking your progress easier than ever. Apps like these can track heart rates, steps taken, calories eaten and more.

Depending on your healthcare provider, you also have access to your personal health records through user-friendly apps that have a messaging feature, previous health records and appointment scheduling option. No more waiting on hold to talk to a nurse or doctor!

3. Use as price-comparison 

Did you know your smartphone is a personal deal finder? Price-comparison has never been easier. With barcode scanning smartphone apps, all you need to do is scan a barcode and it performs a search for the best deals. These are especially helpful during the busy holidays.

4. Monitor your home security system

You’re across the country visiting your family and no one is occupying your home. How can you be sure your home and valuables are safe? Ahh! A home security system can help protect your home in case of a break-in.

With the Cammy smartphone app, you can not only know your home is in good hands, but you are guaranteed no false alarms. It will alert you only if a human motion is detected and you can take action and watch as it’s happening. Cammy Home Security gives you a live view through your security cameras, an auto arm/disarm feature and a timeline of all captured events right on your smartphone.

These are just a few popular ways to use your smartphone apps for everyday activities.  If you are interested in learning how to use your phone to monitor your home security, check out our website for more information.

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