Top 8 Instagram Dogs Who Dress Better Than You

Top 8 Instagram Dogs Who Dress Better Than You

Are you always underdressed or overdressed? Sometimes it’s hard to decide what is appropriate for certain events and parties but these Instagram dogs have got you covered.

From preppy, to business casual to traditional Japanese fashion, here are the top 8 fashionable Instagram dogs you can draw inspiration from.

1. @Nutello

Nutello The Pug Instagram Dog

Nutello The Pug is one of the most “fashionable and extraordinary dogs on Instagram” as per his profile description. He’s definitely one of the most hipster, regularly adorning bow ties, button-up shirts and beanies.

2. @Mensweardog

Mensweardog Instagram Dog

If your style is a little James Dean mixed with Michael Caine with elements of rock ‘n’ roll, look no further.

3. @Lacorgi

Geordi La Corgi is an “athlete, model and fitness enthusiast”. Click at your own risk: this Instagram dog likes to post booty photos but when he does dress up, his outfit is haute.

4. @Toby_littledude

Toby LittleDude hails from Vancouver, Canada. He’s a self proclaimed “hipster, with attitude” that loves hats and the occasional mohawk.

5. @Trotterpup

Trotter’s a sassy one. Here she (right) is with her best friend Ruby. They always have the best accessories!

6. @Hellopepi

Pepi the supermodel: “It’s not my fault, I’m really, really, ridiculously good looking.”

7. @Montjiro

Montjiro is the best dressed dog on Instagram (and perhaps the world). His style is an eclectic mix of haute couture, street style and traditional Japanese.

8. @Marutaro

Maru is a Shiba Inu from Japan and while he doesn’t wear clothing often, he always wears the happiest smile!


Hopefully we’ve been able to help you out of your style rut with these fashionable pooches. In fact, some of these Instagram dogs are not just fashionable, they also make great guard dogs.

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