Interesting Podcasts For Homeowners

Interesting Podcasts For Homeowners


Whether prompted by passion, budget or just finding something to do at home, “Do It Yourself” (DIY) is increasingly popular and DIY podcasts lead this list of our most interesting podcasts for homeowners. From builds and fixes, to gardening and self-sustained homesteading tips, here are ten of the best and current podcasts for homeowners:

1. At Home with Bob Vila


Widely acknowledged as the father of reality TV, Bob Vila has spent his career helping people upgrade their homes and improve their lives. He was the original host of This Old House and went on to host a variety of other home renovation series. Now Bob is fully focused on the digital world with more than 2 million followers across Twitter and Facebook and a fast-growing website, Whether planning a major or minor home improvement project or just taking care of basic home repairs, Bob Vila has the digital tools and information to help homeowners everywhere get the job done right.

2. Home: On


Home: On is a show focused on the connected, or smart home and home automation topics for the enthusiast and do-it-yourself communities. Every other week, they run through industry news, take a closer look at interesting products, share project ideas, or present topics for information and education purposes. Host Richard Gunther is joined by a rotation of co-hosts and guests from the industry, including consumers, industry experts, and executives from companies offering smart products of their own.

3. Today’s Homeowner

The Today’s Homeowner with Danny Lipford Radio Show is heard weekly on over 100 radio stations. The two-hour show is hosted by noted home improvement expert and TV personality Danny Lipford, with the help of co-hosts Allen Lyle and Amy K.

The show is fun, fast-paced, very entertaining, and chock-full of tips, techniques, and practical solutions to help make your home the best looking house on the block. Homeowners from all over  call and email their home improvement questions for Danny and Allen to answer on the air, and celebrity guests also drop by from time to time to talk about their home projects.

4. Fix It Home Improvement


Fix It Home Improvement covers DIY home repair tips, routines and products for home and garden. After years of remodeling homes and helping customers at hardware stores, they share skills every homeowner should have, with products you can get at your local hardware store.

5. The Royal Horticultural Society Gardening Podcast


The RHS Gardening Podcast (UK) offers seasonal advice, inspiration and practical solutions to gardening problems. Trusted gardening professionals give you the latest horticultural advice, scientific research and tried-and-tested techniques to bring out the best in your garden. Topics covered include: growing your own vegetables, flowers, garden design, lawn care, gardening with children and lots more.

6. Small Home Farm


Small Home Farm Radio is a bi-monthly half-hour podcast about how to increase self-sufficiency and have fun while doing it!  In each fresh new episode Erin talks about small-scale farming, gardening, home-schooling, natural remedies, and anything else she finds interesting that matters to the self sufficient home.

7. Living Homegrown Podcast


LivingHomegrown is all about living farm fresh without the farm. For the last 23 years, Theresa has homesteaded on just 1/10th of an acre in the heart of Los Angeles. Through canning and preserving, artisan food crafting, edible gardening and small-space homesteading (including backyard chickens & goats) you can enjoy the flavors of the season and live a more sustainable lifestyle no matter how small of a space you call home.

8. Stuff You Should Know

If you like the Discovery Channel or the History Channel and those how things work and how it’s made shows, you’ll enjoy listening to Stuff You Should Know. With hot topics like stuff you should know about “Death”, “The Ecosystem”, “Sharks”, “Extinction” and so much more. This is one of those

9. Lifehacker


Whether you want to be more tech savvy, prove to your friends that you’re crafty, or learn how to open a beer bottle with a piece of paper, this podcast is simply the ultimate DIY guide for life.

10. Star Talk Radio with Neil DeGrasse Tyson

When you’re satisfied with your days DIY, homesteading or fix-it projects, gather the family, or just spark your own curiosity & wonder by tuning into Neil DeGrasse Tyson’s award winning Science podcast Star Talk Radio. Always good for the whole family, covering anything and everything science and keeping it interesting for the whole family.

Got a podcast we missed? Let us know in the comments below.