New ATM Scam Uses iPods To Steal Your Bank Details

New ATM Scam Uses iPods To Steal Your Bank Details

In recent years, ATMs have become a target for scammers trying to get people’s card details and cash as shown in the video below. A new iPod ATM scam has been exposed by Police Officers in London where thieves are now using iPods to steal customers’ bank details from ATMs.

As you can see in the photo below the iPods are hidden in a cover and attached to the top of the ATM where it records customers entering their PIN numbers.

ATM scam

A fake card slot is also used to capture customers’ debit and credit cards. The thieves then use these cards along with the recorded PIN numbers to take out cash from the ATMs.

Police in West London said that this iPod ATM scam is being carried out by an organised gang of criminals across the country who have been duping unknowing victims out of large amounts of cash.

One of these iPods was recently found attached to an ATM in West London. It has since been removed by police and the ATM will be replaced with a tamper-proof ATM.

ATM scam 2

Sergeant Roni Doyle said it was not the first time such a device had been found attached to an ATM. She said Police had identified one of the people responsible, who is believed to be part of a national criminal network, and that Police were working to arrest him.
But they have warned customers to protect themselves from iPod ATM scams by ensuring they shield the keypad at all times when entering their PIN number.

How To Protect Yourself From ATM Scams:

  • Always cover your pin when using an ATM.
  • Be wary if you see an ‘out of order’ sign on an ATM directing you to another machine.
  • When possible, use the ATMs inside the bank.
  • If you see an ATM with a card stuck in the slot, report it to the bank immediately.
  • Likewise, if you suspect the ATM has been tampered with, report it immediately.
  • If you see anyone loitering around an ATM, go elsewhere.