7 Unique Kickstarter Home Security Inventions

7 Unique Kickstarter Home Security Inventions

When it comes to new products, Kickstarter is the go to funding solution for inventors. Take a look at these new and unique home security inventions before they’re available for sale!

7. Keyless Lock For Patio Doors

This company claims their invention will change the way you use your home! The 2-way, Keyless Lock for Sliding Patio Doors turns your existing door into a functional, burglar proof entrance. The keyless locks easily install onto any sliding door, reinforcing it from the inside. A great way to add an extra level of security to your home!

6. Smart Timer Lights

BeON has created a simple light bulb that doubles up as a burglar deterrent. The BeON: Preventative Home Security Bulb installs like a standard lightbulb and offers a soft warm glow. When the bulb is turned into away mode, it simulates an occupied home by playing back the learned behaviour. The best part? The bulbs even work during an outage thanks to built in batteries.

5. Super Smart Door Lock

Quicklock has invented a device that ensures privacy and adds an extra level of security to any space. The pick proof design connects with an app on your phone, allowing you to control it remotely. The app offers some impressive features, including giving temporary access to visitors. A good investment to secure internal doors, especially while you’re away.

4. Parental Control For Web

iKydz has come up with an easy all in one solution to control internet access in your home. The device connects to your router and communicates with a dedicated app. Once logged in, you can see a list of all connected devices. With one tap of a button you can disconnect one device and allow access to another. This unique home security invention is simple way to restrict internet access for kids and secure your WiFi from unauthorised use.

3. Secure Your Web Connection

InvizBox Go is a smart portable device that promises to secure your wifi connection even in public spaces. This hub connects to WiFi directly and your computer connects to the hotspot it generates, passing all traffic through the device. The company offers some impressive features including a VPN connection, access to the Tor network, Site Unblocking, Ad Removal and works with any device. The box can also double up as a Wifi extender for weak spots in your home and charge your phone battery on the go if you’re running low. A great all in one solution for a reasonable price.

2. Protect Your Online Privacy

Wemagin has created a USB drive that claims to offer complete anonymity online by erasing your digital footprint and masking your IP address. The compact USB drive comes with its own secure browser. The inspiration for the project came from visiting North Korea where internet censorship has affected people seeking help from the Red Cross. The company also offers 4TB of secure cloud storage for all your files for a small subscription fee.

1. Sensor Automators

The WigWag is designed to give intelligence to any space. Using small sensors strategically placed around the home, this system automates your family’s routine. From automatically opening doors to making your coffee and even turning off the sprinklers as you walk by, this system can do it all.
The makers of WigWag have gone to great lengths to connect with existing smartphone operated products (e.g. Philips Hue Lightbulb) as well as create their own sensors to supplement any gaps in the market. Watch the video below for a detailed explanation of the system’s capabilities.

Keeping your home secure has just gotten a lot more fun! If you like these home security inventions, consider contributing to their Kickstarter campaigns by clicking the titles above.

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