Beware of Killer Clown Attacks

Beware of Killer Clown Attacks

Are you afraid of clowns? Well if you are, your worst nightmare may be coming true and we’re not clowning around about this.

There have been reports of people dressing up as creepy killer clowns and terrorising communities. This has been happening all over the world from San Francisco to Sweden, with new clown attacks and news stories about this latest craze surfacing every day.

While most of these acts are harmless pranks, more and more of these clown attacks are turning violent.

Worldwide Craze

Recently, a woman in the US reported that her car was flagged down by another woman standing on the side of the road. Once she pulled over, two men in clown masks allegedly dragged her from her vehicle. The female suspect then allegedly put out a cigarette on the victim’s face and marked her face with the words “clown posse”.

Meanwhile, another woman was scared into labour in the UK, a Swedish teenager was stabbed by an attacker in a clown mask and a young Austrian man was assaulted by three “horror clowns”.

It is said that these killer clown attacks first started in South Carolina in late August when reports surfaced that creepy clowns were spotted trying to lure children into the woods. Since then, the craze has spread like wild fire with clown sightings all over the world.

As such, these killer clown attacks have garnered a lot of social media attention with social media accounts such as ‘Clown Sightings’ dedicated to spreading the word on any clown sightings.

How it’s affecting communities


The killer clown attacks craze has led to costume stores pulling clown costumes off their shelves. Costume stores don’t want to encourage killer clown attacks nor do they want innocent children to be mistaken as killer clowns. Some towns have even banned clown costumes altogether from Halloween community events.

Some professional clowns say that their industry is in crisis thanks to these killer clown attacks. The craze has left many professional entertainers short of work and in some cases afraid of leaving their homes. Some clowns say they are terrified of going out in their white greasepaint and makeup as they risk being arrested by the Police or attacked by mobs who take to the street in so-called “clown hunts” or “killer clown purges”.

What should you do if you see a creepy clown?

Violent attacks, arrests and even a white house media briefing about these clown attacks have led Police to take this latest craze very seriously.

Assistant Chief Constable Catherine Hankinson of Greater Manchester Police told The Sun Online: “The safety of people is our utmost priority; we want people to feel safe going about their daily lives.”

Constable Hankinson recommended that if you see anyone dressed as a clown, you should try to keep calm and report the incident to authorities.

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