Why You Should Monitor Your House Cleaner

Why You Should Monitor Your House Cleaner

Do you ever worry about your cleaner having access to your home when you’re not there?

Maybe you should.

According to The Dirty Truth About Your Cleaning Lady, published by Ron Holt, there are criminals who pose as maids to take advantage of home owners.

It’s not just maids either. In Connecticut, a cable installer was recently arrested for multiple thefts

While the majority of people in service professions are honest, it only takes one bad apple to make security cameras worth the investment.

Here are 5 benefits of monitoring professional service people

  1. You can see what time they arrive and leave (great for handyman who charge by the hour)
  2. You can see what they actually do (did the cleaner do a thorough job?)
  3. You can see if they accessed the no go zones of your home (did the Airbnb guest stay out of your room?)
  4. You have evidence to present to police if someone does steal something (what happened to that missing item?)
  5. You can see if a babysitter invites a friend over (or if they attended to your child’s needs)

The list of benefits are endless.

Since your major concern is ensuring that people don’t steal any of your possessions, take care to place cameras in the right areas

Keep in mind that if someone steals from you in this situation, it’s most likely going to be smaller items (e.g. jewellery, cash) so concentrate the cameras on areas where you keep those things.



With your cameras and monitoring system ready, you can finally relax when it comes to allowing service people into your home.

This solution is not just good for the home owner, but also for the visitors. Professional service people are often accused of theft when they aren’t actually to blame. With a camera you can see what happened saving you from questioning someone who might not be guilty.