Top 5 Must Watch Horror Movies on Netflix

Top 5 Must Watch Horror Movies on Netflix

Who doesn’t love a good horror movie? With thousands of movies being released every year, it’s often hard to separate the gems from the pile. Even harder to find them on Netflix.

Not to worry, we have you covered. Sit down, relax and enjoy the popcorn with one of the top 5 horror movies!

5. Oculus

Holds the title for being one of the most tragic films in recent history. Released in early 2014, the film has received praise from horror movie fans worldwide. Starring Karen Gillan with a convincing American accent, the film takes you on a journey of 2 siblings fightings the supernatural forces aligned against them.

On an ugly night 10 years ago, Tim Russell killed his father to save his sister’s life. But he didn’t act alone, his hand was forced by a supernatural phenomenon which has the power to distort a person’s perception of reality. After a decade in a mental asylum, the siblings set out to destroy the object, but it has other plans.

Follow their journey and discover the secrets behind the the tale. Remember to keep a firm grip on your reality.

4. Never Sleep Again: The Elm Street Legacy

Takes you behind the scenes of one of the scariest film franchises in history. Never Sleep Again isn’t just a title. The films runs a whopping 4 hours long, covering all 8 movies released (ignoring the remake).

If you’re a fan of the the slasher flicks, you will love the trip down memory lane! Uncovering the secrets of the “dream demon” as you go along. If you haven’t watched the films, make some popcorn because you’re in for a marathon!

This documentary is largely overlooked but has received great reviews since it’s release in 2010 scoring 9 stars on IMDB and 4.4 (out of 5 stars) on rotten tomatoes.

3. The Others

From the director of  “Open your eyes” comes a ghost story like no other. Nicole Kidman puts forward a stella performance as “Grace” who relocates herself and her two children to a remote country house post World War 2.

The extremely sensitive children have a structured routine, cannot go out in the sunlight, instead hiding in darkened rooms during the day. This all changes the day the move to their new home.

Released in 2001, the firm has a 7.6 rating on IMDB and 7.2 on rotten tomatoes. Well worth the watch!

2. The Babadook

How would you feel if you discovered all the boogeyman your child fears are real? The Badadook explores the darker side of parenting following the journey of a low income, single mother trying to cope with her “problem” son. The real terror ensues when supernatural possession is used as a solution.

Released in mid 2014, this recent addition to the horror genre has shaken up Hollywood with an 8.3 rating on rotten tomatoes. Even William Friekin was reported saying it is “the most horrifying film” he’s ever seen.

1. The Exorcist

Arguably, the scariest movie ever made, not much needs to be said to preface this classic. Featuring spinning heads and projectile vomit, this film tells the tale of a small, sick, suffering child who the doctors cannot cure. The truth behind her condition is so vile and horrifying only one priest dares to help.

With an incredible cast, solid 8.0 and above ratings from both IMDB and rotten tomatoes this film is a must watch for all the horror fans.

If you choose any of the movies above, opt for “The Exorcist.” The movie is a must see.