Neighbours From Hell

Neighbours From Hell

Even the best homes can be ruined by bad neighbours. We’ve all experienced it in one way or another. Neighbours blasting music into the early hours of the morning, parents who let their kids destroy your yard and over complainers who call the police if you dare sneeze!

We scoured the internet to find the most outrageous neighbours from hell to share with you today. Sit back and enjoy.

The evil dog owner


“My neighbour has 3 dogs, which they let outside twice a day to poop. The dogs are friendly and not very loud… except they always sh*t on our lawn. My husband and I have actually seen our neighbours encourage their dogs to use our lawn… they physically lead the dogs to our lawn or discourage them from going on their lawn, etc.

I finally had enough so I got my garden trowel and flicked all their dogssh*t onto their lawn. Today my husband went outside to mow the lawn and caught the neighbour encouraging their dogs to go on our lawn again. The neighbour acted like nothing was wrong, but quickly called the dogs back.”  -gochujanggongju

Aggressive Beliefs


“I have SUPER religious neighbours. They hang signs for the local church camp on their property. They kept putting out garbage cans in our driveway. While it was stupid and annoying it became more and more aggressive as they would trespass on my property and do damage to my house. But I could never catch them in the act.

So I did the only thing a sane person would do, I put on my velvet ritual cloak and made a show of putting a salt circle around my property, chanting and carrying on.

Never bothered me again.” -amazonkass

The sheep thief


“I live on a farm and we had one guy who was a real pri*k. He was known to have definitely stolen sheep from us, in some cases he had sheared the wool off them, sold it and returned the sheep and sometimes eating the sheep we suspect. He demanded that we front the bill to fix the fence despite it being between our two properties and refusing to split the costs. He also had someone else’s bull jump into his property, used it to service his cattle for two years and when the owner tracked it down the bastard demanded to be paid the adjustment costs or he wouldn’t return it.

He had a house on the property that he rented to his farmhand and the farmhand found him in there one day going through his things and telling him he wasn’t allowed to leave the property under any circumstances while under his employment. The guy quit straight after that and wanted to work for us.” -goondalf_the_grey

She kicked a child!


“My mum had this neighbour who pretended to be weak from cancer/chemo so her landlord couldn’t get mad at her for when the trash bins were full and the lawn was filthy. She even went as far as shaving her head and faking a limp, cane and everything. Mum baked her some cookies and offered to take care of her bins and lawn so the neighbour spills about her scam. My mum, now enlightened about my neighbour’s The Fault In Our Stars bullsh*t and tired of the trash blowing into our yard, called the landlord.

The neighbour wasn’t happy and would blast music at ungodly hours of the night/wee morning to get back at my mum. Mum would get frustrated because she worked late and left early so she filed a noise complaint to the Police. The Police arrive and the neighbour claims my mum (old little Asian lady) punched her in the chest. The neighbour wants her arrested but mum shows cops our security cam footage. There’s no mum punching, instead finds the crazy neighbour kicking her 9 year old daughter out in the middle of the night. The 9 year old is banging on her door, my mum comes out to check on the noise, tries to bring hysterical girl inside (it’s like 2am), the neighbour comes out and sprays her with the hose. The neighbour is taken away and their daughter is sent to live with her dad.” –walkinginthewind

The over complainer


“My neighbours call the police on me if I jump into my pool. Apparently, the sound of water is enough to get them annoyed.”

The psychopath next door


“When I was a baby, the old lady who lived above us put a hose through the window into my cot.”

No words


Look closely at the sign my neighbour posted not days after my father’s week long agonising death of lung cancer. It says “KARMA’s A BiT*H”. The picture was taken from my front porch. It takes a sad and broken person to do such a thing.”

Breaking through the walls


“I lived in a house that had been split into two apartments. Next door was a crackhead. Normally, the crackhead kept to herself and didn’t bother me except to bum a cigarette or two every few days.

One day she needed a smoke, but I was down to my last pack, and payday wasn’t for another three days so I said no. She must have really needed a smoke, because it was like a rage switch had been turned on in her head.

I turned around and went back into my apartment to get away from her screaming at me and she went back into her apartment and started pounding on the walls. At least I thought she was just pounding on the walls. Turns out that she grabbed a hammer and was smashing her way through the walls to my apartment.

I called her boyfriend who was basically a decent dude, and he rushed home and got her calmed down. The hole in the walls was basketball sized by the time she was stopped. Luckily for me they were already being evicted, so I didn’t have to worry about her anymore.”



“My neighbor tried to kill my dog with an axe in front of me. So basically fu*k that guy.”

Living around others can be challenging, especially if they don’t respect the rules of common courtesy. One of the best ways to end disputes is with concrete evidence. Install cameras in your property to end the problems once and for all!