NSW Crime Trends

NSW Crime Trends

A report by the NSW Bureau of Crime Statistics and Research reveals some interesting NSW crime trends.

The good news is some categories of theft are down.

The bad news is that weapons offences (up 11.6% in past two years), stealing from a retail store (up 4.7% in the past 5 years), and drug possession are all trending up.

Let’s look at some of the major trends:

NSW Crimes That Are Trending Down

1. Prostitution offences – Down 43.2%
2. Robbery with a firearm – Down 15%
3. Offensive language – Down 10.8%
4. Other offences against a person – Down 10.2%
5. Steal from person – Down 8.9%

NSW Crimes That Are Trending Upward

1. Possession and/or use of cocaine – Up 26.2%
2. Dealing, trafficking in cocaine – Up 24.1%
3. Importing drugs – Up 10.7%
4. Possession and/or use of other drugs – Up 10.2%
5. Transport regulatory offences – Up 7.9%

Top 5 Most Popular NSW Crimes
Rate per 100,000 population (Jan – Dec 2018).

1. Transport regulatory offences – 1,455.0
2. Malicious damage to property – 743.4
3. Fraud – 651.7
4. Breach bail conditions – 539.6
5. Steal from motor vehicle – 484.4

Would have you guessed that malicious damage to property would be the second most popular crime behind everyday traffic offences?

Examples of malicious damage to property include someone damaging another person’s car, someone breaking in or attempting to, someone wiping a hard drive of information, or someone spray painting graffiti on a storefront.

Here at Cammy, we’re not surprised that damage to property is so popular. As a security company, we meet with business owners every week who reveal cases of people trespassing and/or attempting to break in.

That’s why we provide outdoor security cameras with smart software that sends alerts when a person is detected. This way, owners can know straight away if someone is on their property. We do this using artificial intelligence.

If you want to see the full statistics from the NSW Bureau of Crime Statistics and Research, click here.