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Where To Place Security Cameras

So you have security cameras but you're not sure where to place them. In this post we give you the…

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4 Reasons Why Home Surveillance Systems Don’t Work

Properties without home surveillance systems are 300% more likely to be burgled. But sometimes, even the most high-tech home security…

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8 Things That Make A Home Attractive to Burglars

Does your home have that little something “special” that makes a burglar take notice? Is it possible that there are…

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How to Make Your Community Safer

How does a family friendly, close knit neighbourhood deteriorate into a crime den/drug hub?It is a decrease in police presence?Is…

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Why Some Home Security Systems Fail

The home was secured like Fort Knox, so how did this burglar break in?

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4 Weak Links In Your Home Security

Your home security is only as safe as your weakest spot, and you may be surprised to find out just…

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How to Feel Safe in Your Home After a Burglary

After hearing about a burglary, most peoples’ natural reaction is to ask what was stolen. They may be talking about…

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How a Home Invasion Impacts Your Mind

Getting burgled can hit you hard in the pocketbook and that's why so many people invest in home insurance. A…

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