Where To Place A Hidden Camera

Where To Place A Hidden Camera

Hidden cameras can help you keep tabs on your home, children and valuable possessions. While it’s true that visible camera’s can help deter thieves, they can also be compromised or avoided by thieves since they’re visible.

It’s not always easy to find where to place a hidden camera but when I recently added a few to my existing visible camera network I learned a few things that might give you some ideas for how and where to hide yours.

Here are some ideas for a few more places you can hide a camera:

In a planter.



Pretty much wherever you’d have a plant, it’s not going to raise suspicions so in the planter is a good option if there’s enough foliage to hide the camera well enough without blocking the view.

Inside a garden ornament.



Some ornaments are better than others for this, but before I opted for hiding my backyard camera inside the birdhouse I looked into garden ornaments and found, among other things, that many statues have holes for use with fountain hoses. If you find the right one you could mount your hidden camera inconspicuously in the hole where the water hose would normally go.

In a stuffed animal.



As long as the kids won’t be throwing it around, think about modifying a stuffed animals eye or nose to be your camera’s hiding place. Again, not for the toys in play rotation, just any ones that tend to stay on the shelf or are placed out of reach

Inside a fake fire alarm.



You’ll of course want to have your real fire alarms armed and ready to protect you but some models you can remove the battery space and other insides and pop a wireless security camera inside facing down. You’ll have a ceiling down view of anybody or anything that passes.

In plain sight!



Kind of counterintuitive I know, but see if the camera you want to hide can be camouflaged by simply sitting among other objects on a display case or a bookshelf.


Legal and ethical issues:

Now, we do also need to consider legal and moral implications of a hidden camera. Of course we don’t want to place them in bathrooms, dressing rooms or anywhere that guests (or staff) might be  captured when in a vulnerable situation, that should go without saying. Bear in mind your local laws when it comes to hidden cameras and how you use footage you are capturing.


If you do not have a night-vision camera, you will need to think about the lighting where the camera is directed. A low-quality camera pointing into a dark corner is as useful as no camera at all.
Top tip: If you have visible cameras, hide one opposite to it so that if a burglar turns away from the visible camera, the hidden one will be recording their face. For example we have a visible security camera out near the backyard gate and I installed a wireless hidden one facing it a few feet away in a birdhouse.

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