WiFi Cameras vs POE Cameras

WiFi Cameras vs POE Cameras

Which is better, WiFi cameras or PoE cameras?

It really depends if you want indoor cameras or outdoor cameras.

Most indoor security camera systems use WiFi cameras and while these cameras are great, if you want outdoor cameras then PoE cameras offer a more stable connection.

What is the difference between WiFi and PoE?

WiFi allows devices to transmit data through a signal. The advantage of WiFi is it connects wirelessly to a router without a hardwired connection.

However, when connected via WiFi an IP camera will still require a power supply, meaning the camera will need to be installed near a power outlet.

If an outdoor IP camera is relying on WiFi, and a router signal is weak, there will be connection issues. This is because most routers have a WiFi coverage that only covers up to 10 meters outdoor, making it unable to support multiple outdoor cameras.


Alternatively Power-over-ethernet (PoE) uses a single Ethernet cable that plugs into a PoE switch to deliver power AND an internet connection. It’s like killing two birds with one cable :)

This is important when you consider the location of outdoor cameras which are not always close to a power source. Having an outdoor PoE IP camera eliminates the need for an extra power cable connection outside. A PoE IP camera also has a connection distance much powerful than WiFi. This makes it ideal for outdoor security systems.



Apart from the reliability and flexibility that outdoor PoE cameras offer, because they are powered from a central switch, they can be easier to troubleshoot if there is an issue with your internet connection. 

So if you are looking to get indoor cameras, WiFi cameras are great, but if you want outdoor security cameras, go for professionally installed PoE cameras. 

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