How to prepare for professional security system installation

How to prepare for professional security system installation

What can you do to prepare for the big day?

We’re talking about installation day!

You’ve purchased your Cammy Pro package (which requires professional installation), received your cameras, and have scheduled the install. To ensure things go smoothly and quickly, we have put together our top tips. 

Grab a piece of paper and pen and let’s begin!

1) Know your Wi-Fi password

You set up your Wi-Fi password a LONG time ago and have probably forgotten about it at this point. If you’re like me, you probably wrote it down somewhere and it’s now lost in the piles of paper in your office.

Before your Cammy installer arrives, be prepared to have the password on hand, as it is essential to the setup process. Time to go on a wild goose hunt chase to find it!

2) Know the network (router) name

Now that you have found your password, do you know the systems network name? This is the name you or your internet service provider chose when you initially setup your router.  

The network name is also essential in the installation process, so have it handy on install day.

3) Download the Cammy App

In order to set up your new security system, you will need to have your smartphone on hand. The installer will be using the app to set up each camera.

Before the installer arrives download the Cammy App.

iOS (iPhone) users download here.

Android users download here.

4) Make sure your Wi-Fi is working and is connected to your phone

To set up your Cammy cameras to the Cammy App you will need to be connected to your home or business Wi-Fi.

If your phone is currently not connected to your home or business Wi-Fi, now is the time to connect (you already found your Wi-Fi password and network name, so easy peasy!).

5) Check your internet speed

To use Cammy, we recommend a broadband internet connection of 4 or more Mbps upload speed. A simple way to check your connection speed is to run a speed test. Average internet speed for a home or small business is around 4 Mbps.

If you check your internet and have 4 or more Mbps, you are all set. If you find that your internet speed is much lower please contact your Cammy security rep for assistance.

On the morning of your install, test your internet speed to ensure it’s up and running, to avoid any connection complications. 

6) Sign up for your Cammy account (if you’re not an existing customer)

Using the email you signed up with, go onto the Cammy app and select “Recover my Password”. You will receive a link in your email where you can choose a password.

When you do choose a password, be sure to write it down and keep in a safe place (with your wifi/router password!).

7) Have an idea of camera placement (indoor/outdoor)

Have you thought about where you want each of your cameras placed?

We have gathered a list of the best placements to help you decide. Check it out here!

Once the installer has completed the walk through, they will recommend the best placement and angle of each camera. We recommend checking live view once the camera is in place to confirm it’s positioned correctly.

Things to remember:

  • Have they been pointed away from the sun? Consider where the sun is at dawn and dusk.
  • Are they at an angle to avoid backlight from windows and doors?
  • Are they positioning too high, especially close to walkways and entrances?

7) Allow enough time for the complete installation

Installation takes approximately 3-5 hours, and you will need to be present during the entire process. This time allows for a walk through, full installation and time to review the app with the installer. 

Note: If you have more than 3 cameras, the installation may take longer than 5 hours.

8) Clean the inside and outside of the home or place of business

Sounds like a no-brainer, but we want to remind you that the areas should be cleaned and decluttered to ensure the installation process is quick and easy. Keep in mind that the installer will need to access entryways and areas inside/outside the home or business, and it may require you to move furniture around. 

We ask that you keep your router in an easily accessible area, as the PoE port will need to be set up near the router with the cameras connected to it.×397.jpg

9) Talk with the installer about wiring options (crawl space or attic entry)

The Cammy indoor cameras (Alien and Penguin) have an easy setup. These require a small space near a power source.

The Spider/Outdoor Nighthawk cameras are connected through a PoE switch and will require cable wiring. The installer will then need to run the cable through an attic or crawl space underneath the building. Your installer will determine the best route, so we recommend having these areas accessible and clear. 

10) If you have pets, lock them up

We love pets and we are sure you are going to love watching them on the Cammy App once set up. However, for safety precautions, we ask that you lock up your pets during installation. Thank you in advance!

11) Get a list of questions together

Before the installer begins, be sure you are completely familiar with how to the process will go. Once the security system is set up, have the installer walk you through how the cameras and application work. 

Here is a short checklist you will want to discuss with the installer:

Knowing how to use the Cammy is really easy, but it’s good to get some pointers from the installer if you’re not sure of anything.

In conclusion

When preparing for a Cammy Pro installation:

  • Know your Wi-Fi network and password
  • Download and sign into your Cammy App
  • Declutter inside/outside of home and near router
  • Have your list of questions ready to go!

We are excited to welcome you to the Cammy community. Happy monitoring!

If you need any additional information about the installation process or need assistance once your security system is up and running please contact Cammy Security

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