How To Prevent False Alarms from Pets

How To Prevent False Alarms from Pets

If you have ever had a traditional home security system, you would know how annoying false alarms are, especially if you have pets!

Often you’re going about your day without a worry and then all of a sudden you receive a phone call from your security company notifying you that your alarm at home has gone off. You call the police, make your way home from work or pay for a guard to be sent out thinking you’re going to catch the intruder red-handed –  only to discover on arrival that the “burglar” is your dog rummaging through the rubbish, or the door slamming in the wind.

The unpredictable behaviour of pets is a big contributor to false alarms. Confining your pet to a room with no sensors is one way to tackle the problem. If you want to give your pets room to roam free however, installing a security camera for video verification can save you a lot of time, money and hassle. Cammy has a great solution for pet owners that won’t cost a fortune!

Secure windows/doors and remove obstructions


This applies for both indoor and outdoor. Taking the time to secure doors inside will stop them from moving in the wind or letting through a strong draft which can trigger a sensor.

Removing all objects from the vicinity of the sensor and leaving a clean open area will further remove potential triggers and prevent false alarms.

Alert visitors


If you’re expecting someone or regularly have people dropping by your house, such as a cleaner or a babysitter, you will likely need to teach them to use the alarm (assuming you trust them of course). If you have one time visitors that are a few minutes early, you will likely need to call them to check if they are the reason for the alarm trigger. 

Invest In a Pet Friendly Alarm


Cammy is a simple DIY security solution that lets you watch over your home, family, pets and possessions at any time from anywhere using modern sophisticated technology. Simply download an app, connect the cameras (which double up as motion sensors) and start monitoring. No drilling, no professional installation and no hassle!

The best part?

We guarantee no false alarms! You will only receive an alert if a person is detected by a camera and the alarm is armed. Instantly see who is at your door, what your dog is doing on the couch and if the babysitter has fed your baby. All with one tap of a button.

Cammy cameras come complete with setup instructions to have you up and running in a matter of minutes.

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