How to prevent spider webs on your security cameras

How to prevent spider webs on your security cameras

If you have outdoor security cameras then you know they can attract the odd spider.

This is because bugs are attracted to the infrared light that a camera emits and bugs are food for spiders. This is why a spider will build a web in front of your camera because it makes a good trap for dazed and confused bugs.

Spiders also like dark corners so cameras placed under eaves can be an attractive place to set up home.

Spider webs are most visible at night when your cameras are in night mode.

spider web

So what can you do to prevent spiders from making your camera home?

1. Sweep your cameras regularly

Simply give your cameras a sweep with a broom weekly. Destroy their home a few times and they quickly learn your camera is not the best place to set up shop.

2. Spray repellent around the camera regularly

Give your outdoor cameras a once over with bug repellent fortnightly to ward off spiders. Avoid spraying the lens of your camera to maintain a clear image. Here is a guide to bug repellents.

3. Install a dome camera

Dome cameras make it harder for spiders to build a web due to their round shape. There are limited grab points for a spider to latch onto. Dome cameras are best placed under eaves to give them some protection from inclement weather.

We hope this post helps you keep your cameras spider free.