10 Ways To Protect Your Home On Halloween

10 Ways To Protect Your Home On Halloween

Do you know what time of year it is?


That’s right, Halloween is here and that means you need to be prepared for scary strangers coming onto your property.

Most trick or treaters are harmless.

What you need to be wary of are the vandals, pranksters and criminals.

Here I give you 10 tips for protecting your home on Halloween.

1. Stock up or lock down

Firstly, decide what your objective is before the sun sets on Halloween.

Are you prepared to stock up on candy and embrace the spirit of Halloween?

Or are you going to lock yourself inside your home with the lights out and ignore the knocks at the door like this is the Purge?

Don’t be that person who answers the door without any treats in the house. That’s a sure way to open your house up to vandalism from bitter trick or treaters. Stock up or lock down.


2. Hide your car

Cars are an easy target for Halloween hooligans. Eggs, whipped cream and toilet paper are often used on cars which is hysterical for everyone involved except you.

If you don’t have a garage or cannot hide your car, you can try decorating your car with Halloween decorations.

Similar to how graffiti artists won’t graffiti a painted wall drawing, trick or treaters won’t vandalise a car that embraces the Halloween spirit.


3. Bring your pets inside

The last thing you want on Halloween is your small dog humping that guy dressed as Chewbucca while you dish out candy at your front door. This is awkward for everyone.

Likewise, you don’t want your ferocious guard dog turning into Cujo and conducting a reign of terror in your neighbourhood, mauling a child just because they were dressed up as Jason Voorhees.

That’s a sure way to land yourself a lawsuit.

Newsflash, your dog doesn’t know it’s Halloween. So keep them indoors away from the insanity outside.



On the other hand, if your pet is nice and friendly, what the hell, get them involved.


4. Don’t leave loose items lying around

A loose item is anything that’s not secured to the ground. Think garden gnomes, shovels, rakes and similar items that may a) harm visitors b) get stolen or c) be used against you to break in.


5. Show trick or treaters the way

If how to get to your front door is not immediately obvious to visitors you may need to lead the way with signs or decorations.

Maybe you use the side door as your main door?

Don’t assume visitors know this. Lead the way.


6. Light up your yard

The last thing you want is a trick or treater falling over in your yard, injuring themselves and suing you. Make sure the yard is well lit and easy to navigate.

It goes without saying that criminals will always choose a dark yard over a well-lit yard.

If lawsuits are not scary enough, then dark yards allow trick or treaters to hide and scare the living bejeezus out of you!


7. Have candy at the door

One of the worst things you can do is leave your front door unattended while you go inside to fetch candy.

This is a rookie error.

It’s best to keep your stock of candy close to the front door for easy access.

Trick Or Treat Halloween Bucket

8. Monitor your front door

Use Cammy to monitor your front door from your smartphone. That way you can see a live view before opening your door. In addition, you can capture all of the night’s shenanigans.

This is especially useful if you’re going away for Halloween.

Or you could set up a massive spider to scare children…


9. Go easy on the candles

Candles and pumpkin heads look great on Halloween but make sure they’re out of reach of visitors. Open flames and highly flammable Halloween costumes don’t mix well.

If you do this…


Expect this…


10. Be vigilant

Halloween costumes make for great disguises.

You never really know who is under the mask at your front door.

Don’t be afraid to ask questions before opening your door. You need to verify the person on the other side is not a possessed demon who is going to chase up the stairs.



Halloween should be fun (and a little scary). Unfortunately, there are some people who choose to hijack this event for the purpose of evil. Don’t let Halloween turn into a nightmare.


Have an objective and stick to it.
Hide your car and pets.
Make sure your yard is well-lit and easy to navigate.
Have candy at the front door.
Go easy on the candles.
Stay vigilant and monitor your home with Cammy

Happy Halloween! Ooha ooha ooha ha ha