How To Protect Your Neighbourhood From Burglars

How To Protect Your Neighbourhood From Burglars

Have you ever considered the role your neighbours could play in your home security plans?

Whether your neighbourhood is experiencing criminal activity or you just want to help keep it safe, the benefits of teaming up with your neighbours to accomplish these goals should not be underestimated.

In neighbourhood crime prevention, community members are encouraged to play a central role in problem identification and planning solutions to common problems. Sometimes, in today’s communities, there is a lack of interest from some members and this can make neighbourhood crime prevention less effective but typically once a problem becomes bad enough, a number of members, along with local authorities will step up to make efforts. As the saying goes, the squeaky wheel gets the oil!

Here are some of the top ways to prevent burglaries and crime in neighbourhoods:

Neighbourhood Watch

One of the longest running and most effective ideas is one most of us have heard of before. A Neighbourhood Watch program, with signs indicating its presence in your community, tells criminals your community is serious about keeping crime at bay. But first things first; if you haven’t met your neighbours yet, there’s no time like today.

If you’re not typically someone who socialises with the neighbours, you can try baking some cookies or bringing some beers to the neighbours’ doorsteps. Perhaps you can bring over some toys for the neighbours’ kids when your kids have outgrown them.

In a detailed discussion thread on Reddit, self-described burglars laughed at some of the standard ‘tricks’ people use to keep thieves out of their homes, such as leaving lights and TVs on, and confirmed that, along with having visible security cameras in the community, making friends with your neighbours and having a neighbourhood watch program is a fair deterrent.

Once you know your neighbours, it’s time to get organised. A local law enforcement officer is usually willing to visit and offer crime prevention tips and inform you what crimes have been occurring in the area. They can also suggest specific ways for residents in your neighbourhood to work together to protect one another and help you find out how to get official signage placed in your area.

Community Policing

A policing approach that promotes and supports strategies to address crime-related problems through police-community partnerships. Police may show a bigger presence in a community by increasing patrols.

Comprehensive Programs

Various programs to engage the community in its own safety and safe future include drug prevention strategies, interventions for at-risk youth and ad hoc law enforcement initiatives aimed to prevent crime. These programs are implemented by local authorities to improve the quality of life in communities by incorporating multiple approaches.

Video Surveillance

One of the top methods that has proven effective for preventing burglaries in communities is video surveillance. Public surveillance systems include a network of security cameras and components for monitoring, recording, and transmitting video images.

Burglaries, robberies, and other neighbourhood crimes may be picked up by various security cameras in your neighbourhood and police can use this information to help track down criminals.

When it comes down to it, the best start for neighbourhood burglary prevention is being on a first name basis with your neighbours. Building and maintaining good and communicative relationships with those who live around you is the essential foundation for building effective community crime prevention.