Unconventional Tips To Protect Your Car From Theft

Unconventional Tips To Protect Your Car From Theft

Car theft is rampant across the country with one motor vehicle theft occurring every 43.7 seconds according to the FBI. To help you protect your car from theft, we’ve put together some safety tips.

We’re going to skip over the obvious tips such as using a parking in a garage/ safe areas and skip right ahead to the lesser known tips.

5) Keep your car in good shape



According to the “Broken Window Theory” keeping your home and car in tip top shape greatly reduces the risk of car theft.

The theory is simple and suggests that a serious crime can be prevented by targeting petty crime such as graffiti, littering and vandalism. At its core, it relies on 3 sociological theories including conformity, monitoring and signalling.

If your car is dirty or covered in scratches it implies neglect. On a psychological level, this makes your car a better target for thieves.

4) Drive manual



The fact that the majority of drivers can only operate automatic vehicles is well documented. As is thieves failing to to steal manual cars.

The simple fact is car thieves and burglars are opportunists seeking out easy targets. Their top priority is to quickly break in and drive away. If they’re faced with the possibility of stalling the car and not being able to operate it easily, they won’t try to steal it!

3) Install a hidden kill switch



The greatest challenge for a car thief is to get the car started without a key. Most thieves know which wires to connect to start the ignition but a hidden kill switch is the perfect thing to catch them off balance.

This buys time and adds an extra challenge even for a skilled car thief. They are extremely unlikely to proceed once they fail a few times because the more time they spend the more likely they are to get caught.

2) Take the steering wheel



This is a cheaper alternative to a kill switch, except they might be able to start the car. But they won’t be able to drive it away without steering! Kill switches can be expensive to install but taking the wheel is free (although slightly inconvenient).

1) Don’t leave valuables in sight



The thief may not be trying to steal your car but the possessions in it and take the car as a bonus! Leaving your purse, laptop, money or jewellery in plain sight is the easiest way to make your car a target.

In this scenario it’s a win-win situation for the car thief, if they manage to steal your car they will take it along with all your possessions. If they fail at stealing your car, they will still get the valuables inside.

The easiest way to prevent a car theft is to make your car a difficult target. If you follow all the steps above, your car will never get stolen!