Four Items You Can Use To Protect Yourself Against an Intruder

Four Items You Can Use To Protect Yourself Against an Intruder

If you were confronted by an intruder in your own home and you were threatened, how would you protect yourself?

Fortunately most burglaries occur during the day when the occupant is away from the home, and, according to a recent Bureau of Justice Statistics report, only an average of 7% of burglaries each year involve violent acts.

But in the event of a nighttime break-in while you’re at home, you may derive a better sense of security knowing that you have something to protect yourself against an intruder. Here are a few common household items to consider putting by your bedside, just in case.

Baseball Bat

Batter Hitting Baseball

The baseball bat is a “classic” go-to for immediate self-defense (or at least it is in the movies, where everyone seems to grab one before venturing downstairs to check on that mysterious noise in the night).

But not every person is necessarily a baseball fan, so a golf club is also an option.

Either way, the advantage of these potential weapons – which you hopefully will never have to use – is that you can chase away a thief by taking a few powerful swings and without getting too close to them.

Kitchen Knife


For your average person, a knife is the only legitimate weapon that they actually have in the home, though most of us are more used to chopping carrots with a blade than relying on it for self-protection. Needless to say, though, if a real bodily threat were to arise, any sharp kitchen knife could be used to scare off or injure an intruder.

If keeping a knife on your nightstand is just a bit too ghoulish for your tastes, a letter opener is pretty much the same idea but a little less creepy.

Glass Bottle


A heavy glass bottle – Perrier, a wine or beer bottle, etc – can be used in two different ways against a home invader.

It can be thrown at their head to hurt them or to encourage them to get the heck out of your house. Or, if they get near you, you can break it against something and use the sharp broken edge as a knife-like weapon.

Best to consider the latter option as a last resort, because there’s no way to be certain that the bottle would break in the way you need to make it function well as a weapon.



This may seem like an unlikely candidate for self-protection, but hairspray can act as a kind of impromptu pepper spray if it appears that an intruder is actually going to attack you directly. Aim it at their eyes, nose, and mouth to make it difficult for them to see or breathe.

The New York Times’ Health Guide reports that breathing in hairspray can result in the following symptoms: blurred vision, breathing difficulty, burning pain in the throat, and burns to the eye. Ideally those symptoms will be enough to disable the intruder while you try to get away.

But what if you’re not a hair product type of person? No worries, any aerosol will do. You can also use aerosol deodorant, air freshener, or bug spray for similar effect.


Confronting an intruder in your home is not an excuse to get violent but if you’re in genuine danger and need to protect yourself against an intruder then it’s good know you have some makeshift weapons nearby. We looked at:

  • Baseball bat
  • Kitchen knife
  • Glass bottle
  • Hairspray

Hopefully keeping one or more of these household objects near your bed will afford you a little more peace of mind at night. But while having these items at hand can be a good precaution, naturally it’s best to have a reliable home alarm so that you never have to resort to this kind of self-defense.